Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 26 Sep

Wednesday 26th September
STEVE MAKES THE MOST OF HIS PASS Tracy tells Steve to fill his boots and enjoy his pass before the wedding. Not realising Tracy is meaning a free spa pass for the hotel where they are getting married, Steve thinks she is talking about sleeping with another woman. Ignoring Tim’s warning that it could be a trap Steve eyes an opportunity with Abi at the dance lesson, will he cheat on Tracy?
BILLY HAS AN UNWELCOME VISITOR Billy is horrified to find Josh on his doorstep. Josh explains that he’s been discharged from hospital and has nowhere else to go.
JOHNNY WANTS ANSWERS Jim tells Hannah he is going to get the money from Johnny so they don’t need to take Liz’s money. Meanwhile Johnny is keen to find out who is blackmailing him and confronts Liz about whether she has told Jim about their one night stand.
ELSEWHERE Brian gets an interview for a teaching post leaving Hope and Ruby wondering why Santa needs a job. Cormac continues to wind up Daniel and Ryan at the Bistro.

Wednesday 26th September
STEVE’S CAUGHT IN THE ACT Liz is delighted when Steve’s DNA test comes back ‘proving’ Hannah is his sister. Meanwhile Steve pours his heart out to a friend saying he doesn’t love Tracy and he can’t marry her. When Peter takes a call from Tracy to say Amy has fallen at the spa and is in hospital Peter comes looking for Steve what will he find?
BILLY’S CAUGHT BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE Unsuspecting Sean welcomes Josh to the flat and even suggests he could be a good catch for Emma. Uncomfortable Billy points out that he is probably not boyfriend material.
JOHNNY FINDS A CONFIDANT Johnny confides in Carla about Liz and the blackmail. Carla tells him to keep calm and do nothing.
ELSEWHERE The kids run rings round Brian now they don’t believe he is Santa any more. Cormac suggests Ryan and Daniel go with him to a dodgy club in town, Adam warns Daniel about who Cormac’s dad is.

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