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Saturday 15 September 2018

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 14 September 8.30pm

We’re back and Jim has hastily come up with a story about Hannah changing her surname to escape a jealous ex. It becomes clear that the con is bigger than just Hannah and Jim when he phones a mysterious contact to arrange another fake DNA test and then arranges for a (surely bogus) lawyer to turn up talking about a large compensation pay-out.

Meanwhile Evelyn is over at Dev’s making a nuisance of herself. She tries threats of ageism, swapping the labels around on a Dev’s stock and some light shoplifting before finally faking a heart attack.  Tyrone finds her and brings her back to number 9 where she wastes no time making herself at home. Corrie is fabulous for sharp-tongued battle-axes and Maureen Lipman is already brilliant. Long may she huddle in a Rovers nook with a sweet sherry and a dry put down.

Toyah tells Adam that she knows about Leanne’s office romance and she’s fine with it. He repeats the mix up to Imran, who’s eyes light up at the thought of some consequence-free hanky-panky with both Battersby sisters. With all the romantic misunderstanding over siblings, it would all be rather like a Shakespearean comedy…if the action was centred in a solicitor’s office in Wetherfield!

Over at Speed Daal Sophie watches as Kevin and Paula have an awkward date set up by the ever- persistent Sally. As promised Paula lets Kev down gently before giving Sophie a lecherous arm stroke.

At the Rovers the details of Hannah and Jim’s plot is starting to emerge. Hannah tells Liz and Steve that the compensation money they receive will help her and Jim get treatment for their myotonic dystrophy condition. The trouble is they don’t have much time and there is a pioneering treatment in the States, if only they could somehow get the money sooner… It’s actually a take on possibly one of the oldest confidence tricks, the Spanish Prisoner scam (see: Surely Tracy Drew could work this out? Get her on the case someone.

Personally, I think Jim is being conned too and Hannah will disappear with all the money. I can’t imagine that there are many 26-year-olds whose hearts would be set fluttering by Jim. Then again maybe she has fetish for Irish ex-cons who elongate people’s names?

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Diane said...

I know she just started but I dont know how much more I can deal with evelyns horrible overacting. I just want to fast fwd every scene she's in.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Maureen Lipman has said she can't watch herself on Corrie as it isn't much of a laugh. Doesn't augur well for her character's longevity. Yet another brilliant actress (thinking of Sue Johnston) who is presumably being told to ham it up. Sitcom stuff with Dev completely OTT, as well. Awful start to Nan and hope she settles down. And we've just had Vinny's mother living with Daniel and Sinead. I was horrified by Jim's self-beating at the graveside. Not by the storyline but by the fact we have another Irishman haunted by memories of the threat of damnation. He's Pat Phelan Mark 2 so he is. I agree Hannah will probably dump Jim so that will be his come-uppance. I suppose all the fake professionals are ex-prison mates of Jim. So where is Jim living at the moment? Tracy needs to follow Jim where she will discover him and Hannah up to no good. And finally I'm grateful to you, Kelly, for your info about the Spanish prisoner. The electronic version these days is the Nigerian political prisoner who can't access their enormous funds in the bank.

Tilly Flop said...

I was really looking forward to the arrival of the wonderful Maureen Lipman. But I'm not enjoying her role so far. I find her more down right rude than battleaxe. I hope she's toned down a lot if she's gonna stay

Sharon boothroyd said...

I feel Corrie producers,for some reason, have focused on vintage Corrie stereotypes- so they've created Evelyn, a thin Ena Sharples.
While she may warm the hearts of die- hard Corrie fans, who say the soap ain't wot it used to be, the days of battle- axes are gone. While she might be fun for around 5 mins,I have a feeling that viewers in 2018 are going to get fed up of Evelyn very quickly.

Shells said...

How many con artists are attracted to Weatherfield? :-) Lewis and he psychic, Duncan, Hannah, Jim. Phelan and Vinnie. Is there money buried under the cobbles? :-)

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Jim or Hannah is the new serial killer as this street is currently missing one.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just me but somehow it doesn't feel right that Kevin is back on the dating scene so speak only a week after Jack has been released from the hospital?
I thought there would be more of a follow up to Jack's sepsis story line but I guess Kevin's love life [or lack thereof]is more important?

Anonymous said...

What I can't get over on Kevin's return is that he is very tanned. He looks like he spent the summer on the water not a Liverpool looking after Jack in a rehab. Is it just me?

Anonymous said...

In that pic the actress playing Katy bears no resemblance to Steve or Andy.

Anonymous said...

That's because there's no connection between them!

Unknown said...

For DNA parental testing urine would not be used!!!

Anonymous said...

Not keen on the terrible overacting by "Imran." He's obviously been told, "You're the light relief, ham it up a bit." But still, really irritating. Hated the amputation storyline, mostly because I knew it would "go away" never to be mentioned again. That's trivialising a very traumatic event for anyone to go through and shouldn't be used as cheap, quick entertainment.


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