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Wednesday 26 September 2018

Why Evelyn Plummer is just what Corrie needs

A couple of weeks ago, the cobbles faced a rude awakening. Battleaxe Evelyn appeared, with her hairsprayed barnet and her acid tongue, she has quickly settled into to life on the cobbles. 

Fiz has been quite annoying of late, So the fact that this old harridan has wound her up, is good for fans. She is a real hybrid of the Corrie women of old. She has elements of Hilda Ogden and Blanche and Maureen Lipman looks right at home. 

She has already conned Dev by 'collapsing' in his shop, fooled Tyrone into thinking thst she cares and annoyed Fiz Bomb so much, that she now has a more permanent scowl on her face. 

I remember when women like Annie Walker rules the street, so to see this tribute to women like these, arrive in the capable hands of the amazing Maureen Lipman has been thrilling. You wait for the barbed comments and they have come thick and fast. 

Everything about this character is spot on, from the loyal dog, who if he were not on the lead, would do a runner, through to her dress code, and big hair, this is a character to savour. 

I would love to see her working in the Kabin or community centre. And I long for her to meet Norris or to see how she reacts to Mary. The comedy could be endless. 

For those who tired of Phelan, and other controversial storylines, Evelyn is just the ticket. If you long for Corrie of old and you have not tuned in for a bit, have a look at Evelyn, she will remind you of Black Tower wine, pineapple and cheese on sticks and a time when Corrie was regularly getting 20 million viewers. 

And with Maureen Lipman stomping around the street snapping at regulars like a T-Rex in a head scarf, she had me at "Get lost!"

Glenn Meads

By Glenn Meads

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Jane said...

I really don't like Maureen Lipman or the character. I just hope she's only here to cover for Jennie's maternity leave and not permanent.I guess I'm in the minority here though after reading all the praise on other articles about her !

Anonymous said...

You're not on your own. I dislike Evelyn. Her character is far too extreme, birdingbo on downright rude. I really hope she is toned down in the near future

abbyk said...

There have been likeable evil characters. They usually have a soft spot that rounds them out. For Phelan, it was his love for Nicola, kindness towards Summer and occasional religious dilemma. For Tony Stewart, it was his love for and wanting to do right by his son Jason. So far, Evelyn is more like Terry Duckworth, not a redeeming bone in her body, but she is new and she takes care of her dog, so, as a ML fan, I’m hoping there is something we will warm to.

Stevie said...

Too caricature for me but I think she'll be a grower. She stands out too much at the moment but once we get used to seeing her on screen I think she could be great. She'll need a wider network of "friends" though in order to find her place on the Street.

popcorn said...

Haha - a T Rex in a headscarf! Good one!

Rapunzel said...

As I recall, Sylvia started off in a very similar way. I didn’t like her much at all in the beginning but over time, she became one of my favourites.

Diane said...

Shes the most annoying thing on the show right now for me.

Anonymous said...

As long the writers don't screw things up with their limited imagination. Evelyn has a fling with Ken. Steve snogs Evelyn during a stoopid mistake, Evelyn starts poisoning people.

C in Canada said...

They always seem to start out rough around the edges, then they smooth out a bit once they settle in. I'm hoping that's the case here.
I'm liking her so far, but that's only because I would never have to live with her! lol


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