Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Preview of tonight's hour-long Coronation Street - Weds 9 May

Weds 9 May (hour long episode tonight)

AIDAN’S ACTIONS ROCK THE CONNORS TO THE CORE Eva toys with her engagement ring, hoping it’s a sign that Aidan wants to try again. But when Aidan doesn’t arrive to open up at the factory Johnny, presuming he’s slept in, lets himself into Aidan’s flat. He finds a note in Aidan’s handwriting. Having read it, he forces his way into the bathroom. He calls Carla who comes to the flat and lets the police and paramedics into the flat, breaking the awful news that Aidan has taken his own life. The police confirm Aidan’s suicide. The Connors are overwhelmed with grief.
DAVID FINALLY ADMITS THE TERRIBLE TRUTH David announces he’s going to attend court alone and doesn’t want any support. He emotionally hugs Max and Lily, aware he might not be coming home. When Maria reveals that Aidan has killed himself, David’s floored, aware of his own suicidal thoughts. As Imran drives him to court, David suddenly leaps out of the car and runs off. Shona finds him sitting alone in the urban garden where desperate to unburden himself, David reveals he was raped by Josh.

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Shells said...

I know these are all important issues but... aren't they tackling a lot of issues? We regularly get disclaimers to contact someone if this issue is affecting you. I appreciate how well Shayne did, and I'm devastated the character is gone. No one in the audience wanted to see Aidan exit like this.

I just wish Corrie would lighten up a little now.

Shells said...

(with all respect to all who have lost loved ones in this manner. Like I wrote, these are all important issues.)

Anonymous said...

When a soap is on 3 hours per week, there has to be issues. What lightness is capable of gripping an audience to tune in week after week. I believe much of the show's comedy is lost on the commenters here because they are too busy cursing the dark

Shells said...

I appreciate that, and the comedy isn't lost on me at all. And I don't curse the dark.

Shells said...

It's just emotionally tough to see such an enormous tragedy happen so quickly with David's ordeal, the murders of Luke and Andy (and note I enjoyed Phelan!), Bethany's ordeal, etc. It's just about balance.

I thought all of Aidan's scenes were sensitively played and continue to watch.

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