Saturday, 10 February 2018

Michelle Connor's two boys and the bizarre baby swap

Both of Michelle Connor's sons are returning to Coronation Street. 

And so, it's time for a re-cap on the baby swap storyline.  To be honest I think I'm writing this blog post for my own sanity so that I can keep tracks on who is who when they both come back!


Michelle Connor's and her son Ryan lived happily until Ryan started being stalked by a stranger. The stalker turned out to be a man called Nick Neeson who had a son called Alex Neeson, but he believed Ryan Connor was his biological son. 

In a bizarre baby swap storyline, Alex and Ryan had been swapped at birth at the hospital. Michelle had brought up Ryan as her own, but it was really Alex who was her child.


Nick Neeson had been bringing up Michelle's biological son, who was called Alex Neeson,  

A DNA test confirmed that Ryan Connor was indeed Nick Neeson's biological son and Alex Neeson was really Michelle Connor's biological son.

With me so far? Ryan is not Michelle's biological son, Alex is.

Ryan Connor left Weatherfield to be a DJ in Ibiza in 2013.  
Alex Neeson left Weatherfield in 2008. 

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Anonymous said...

Considering the scum Ryan turned out to be, it's probably for the best that Alex and he were switched at birth.

Anonymous said...

When the storyline first aired, I thought it raised nature/nurture questions that were never addressed. As Anonymous @ 17:37 points out, Ryan's biological parents had a narrow escape, given how Ryan ultimately turned out. But originally, it was the opposite: Ryan was the nice kid and Alex the troubled one. Did Alex's emotional problems stem from the breakup of his parents' marriage - brought about because his father suspected he was the product of an affair - or because he had dodgy Connor genes? His uncle Paul was no saint and we never got to see his biological father, Dean. Even while Michelle put Dean on a pedestal after he died, the fact that he was thick as thieves with Michelle's brothers raised questions about the secrets he might have hidden from her when he was alive.

Anonymous said...

I really hated this storyline the first time, here's hoping the second time is better...

Smiley said...

Ryan is returning? Where was it announced?

Anonymous said...

UGH! More screen time for Michelle

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