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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Is Callum Logan a dead man walking?

This custody storyline has really overstayed its welcome, not that it was all that welcome in the first place but due to Paula Lane's maternity leave, scenes had to be filled somehow. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought Callum was only trying to get regular access not full custody of Max but the dialogue lately seems to imply that David and Kylie could lose Max altogether. I probably did miss something along the way when I was distracted by something else while these scenes aired.

Be that as it may, now that Kylie's back, the storyline has been moving ahead a bit more. David and Kylie are trying desperately to find ways of exposing Callum's evil ways so they don't lose Max to him. I really can't understand how Callum is able to pretend he has a job or owns a security business without proof. He is a known drug dealer. He hangs out in a dodgey pub where drug dealers and takers frequent. Wouldn't there be some sort of investigation into his life if he's trying to get custody of a child?

Never mind. Bethany has seen the truth but she seems willing to let her mother date a drug dealer rather than have to move back to Italy. That really seems to be beyond the realms of probability given that Bethany and Sarah do seem to be close or were before hormone poisoning took over the teenager. This will probably be the detail that is used to expose Callum in the long run but before that... what's going to happen?

My theory: (and I have absolutely no knowledge of where this story is going, this is pure speculation, one of my favourite sports!)

In the world of soaps, the bad guy never wins. I think Callum is going to get custody or joint custody but he's going to turn up dead before Max moves in with him. In true soap tradition of late, the wrong person will be arrested and be on trial for the crime, probably David Platt or possibly Kylie. I think David is the more likely, though. I imagine that Callum's drug crimes will come out during the trial.

I speculate that the real killer will be Gemma Winter, Callum's cohort. The other one, Macca, is too dozy and drugged out to be the killer (though I get a kick out of him!), I think, but Gemma? She's more than capable and she has a fear of Callum, too. It could be self defence in a confrontation.

Nobody will be sorry to see the back of Callum but I think the actress that plays Gemma is great!

If it doesn't play out this way, how do you think the custody story will end? (aside from "soon, please")

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Flaming Nora said...

Ooh I love your thinking! If this isn't how it's going to play out then Corrie need to read this and change their storyline to incorporate these brilliant ideas!!

Humpty Dumpty said...

Everyone is far too accepting of Callum being a drug dealer. Solicitors in the UK use licensed private investigators so surely Audrey would cough up the extra fee for this evidence to go back to court. Daft social workers if they're impressed by the wonderful flat Callum has and don't look into his background - financial evidence etc. I'd have thought that the best Callum could hope for would be supervised contact but this is a soap so reality doesn't come in to it. Could well be Gemma who tops him but I also like the idea of Bethany realising she's being used and lashes out in anger. Callum dies of injuries and Sarah whisks her daughter back to Milan before the police can ask questions. Win-win situation all round.

Anonymous said...

It's beyond the pale as to why anyone would even consider the man some sort of drug lord. Ridiculous!

Pootle5 said...

As long as Callum, Bethany and Sarah all vanish as soon as possible, I don't really care how now.

Pippa Dee said...

Pootle, have to agree with you there.

All three are really bad actors, "Sarah" cannot deliver any lines without smirking, like she's in a school play, "Bethany" is always rolling her eyes, it is very very tiresome. And as for "Callum", apart from being badly acted, I just cannot stand his voice, I put the subtitles on now and mute him whenever he is on.

PLEASE, powers that be, please get rid of them all. They are beyond useless.

Anonymous said...

If Bethany is the one who murderers Callum then I fear to protect her daughter,Sarah will frame David by planting evidence against him just like she planted drugs in the salon to frame him to get the job in Milan.Gail will of course take Sarah's side again.

Anonymous said...

I can't quite figure Gemma out; I think she's secretly in love with Callum herself and chums around with Kylie as a way of staying in his orbit. She'll always do Callum's bidding despite acting like she's afraid of him.

Anonymous said...

Callum will die tripping over shadow convinced it is something to do with David, who will allow Callum death to bolster his reputation. Kylie will now find him fasicnating because he is once again the bad boy she married.

Anonymous said...

I don't care WHO does it - just PLEASE someone kill Callum ASAP before I kill myself because of sheer boredom with the guy/Sarah & the whole custody story.

~JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

No more deaths please! Too many in the last few weeks imo. Callum should either register at Uni with his mum's encouragement and disappear or try out for a camp crime show in London with Rosie as his co-star.

Anonymous said...

Really love Gemma and Mac can characters and wish they could stay on the Street longer. Calum is past his best-selling date and needs to go. Sarah and Bethany should be binh ed too. I just hate how the Bethany character is shown swill in booze. As the character is only 14, it is surprising that this would be allowed on UK television.

Anonymous said...

Callum wakes one morning to realise his true vocation lies not in drug peddling but in expressing himself through the medium of modern dance. He goes off to pursue his dream, leaving us poorer for the experience of having known him.

Anonymous said...

I can see how Callum would end up with Max. Whilst "everyone knows" he is a drug dealer, the fact that "everyone knows" is not really admissible in court. If he was clumsy enough to get caught, he would already be in prison, so he must be good at covering his tracks. In contrast, David has actually been caught when he's made mistakes and you can't argue with the fact that Kylie was AWOL for most of the process.

As for Bethany, regardless of how "close" she is to Sarah, she is her mother's daughter and there's the same dangerous combination there of stupidity and selfishness.

Anonymous said...

When it was just David, it is because David is not Max's biological father - and now there is a fear that Callum might try to have Kylie declared an unfit mother because of her drug use. The thing that David really fears, though, is that he thinks Max likes Callum better than him and, if given a choice would choose to live with Callum.

Bethany likes excitement and is young enough that being involved with a drug dealer could be construed as thrilling not knowing the reality of it. Gemma seems to like the fact that people are afraid of Callum and she feels more powerful when around him.

Callum went easy on David but seems to have beaten Jason pretty badly. Tony and Callum both have dirty dealings - if those two clash, one could end up dead. It is a little vague whether Callum has actually committed murder or just beats up people.

Sarah finds out the truth about Callum after Gemma rats him out after Callum beats her. Then Callum beats Jason - but we don't know the reason.

Odds are that they will have Callum lose custody at the last minute just as it looks like he is going to win - and then have another major plot involving Callum before cutting him loose.


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