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Monday 20 July 2015

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 20 July

Monday 20th July
DESPERATE DAN IS OUT FOR REVENGE When Leanne realises she’s got to work late, Liz agrees to pop round and give Simon his tea. Dan watches the two women with hatred. Simon’s disappointed to find Liz is looking after him. As Leanne heads home, Dan steps out of the shadows and tells Leanne she’s ruined his life and he’s going to make her pay. Grabbing Leanne by the wrist, Dan forces his way into her flat. Leanne yells at Liz to phone the police but as Liz reaches for her phone, Dan hurls her bag across the room. Leanne, Liz and Simon watch Dan, terrified what he’ll do next.
TRACY SEES ROBERT WITH FRESH EYES Robert apologises to Ken for his behaviour after the funeral and spotting Deirdre’s stuffed marrow recipe on the table, offers to cook it for him and Tracy. Is the way to Tracy’s heart through her stomach?
MICHAEL RESCUES GAIL IN HER HOUR OF NEED Eileen suggests to Michael they meet later for a drink and Michael agrees. Eileen’s pleased. But when Gail lures Michael round to No.8, making out she’s got a plumbing emergency, will he fall for her trap?
ELSEWHERE As Roy sets off for his driving test, Cathy awkwardly hands him a good luck card. Vince, a garage owner, calls on Kevin and tells him he wants to make him an offer he can’t refuse. Tony arrives back on the street and braces himself to face the music.

Monday 20th July
DAN’S EXPLOSIVE TEMPER IS EXPOSED In a rage, Dan demands their mobile phones and stamps on them. Liz and Simon are scared witless whilst Leanne’s clearly in a lot of pain. Liz tries to talk Dan round, telling him she knows he’s a good man underneath, but Dan’s not taken in by her platitudes. Hoping that someone will come to their rescue, Leanne shouts and stamps her feet but Dan wrenches her wrist again, causing her to scream in pain. Dan finally snaps and reveals to Simon how Leanne used to work as a prostitute. Simon’s visibly upset and Leanne reels. Leanne flies at Dan, knocking him to the floor. Grabbing his keys, they attempt to make a run for it. Will they escape Dan’s clutches?
TRACY IS INTRIGUED BY ROBERT’S DECLARATION Beth tells Tracy how she met Robert and he’s obviously still in love with her. Tracy’s sceptical but Beth insists she should give their relationship another go.
GAIL APPEALS TO MICHAEL’S BETTER NATURE The tap fixed, Gail persuades Michael to stay for a cup of tea. As Eileen waits for Michael in the Rovers, she worries that Gail will be doing her best to seduce him. Will Michael fall for Gail’s charms?
ELSEWHERE Roy returns with Tyrone from his driving test. Has he finally passed? Vince tells Kevin he’s retiring and wonders if he’d be interested in buying his garage business. Will Kevin be tempted? Tony is shocked when Jason rails at him for going AWOL. Tony’s ego suffers a further blow when he hears Liz has a new man. Telling Tony he’s best off without him, Jason orders him to clear off. Will Tony get a similar welcome when he heads to the Rovers?

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Anonymous said...

Cannot abide Eileen at any price, hope Michael goes back to Gail where he belongs. Eileen should try getting her own man for a change.

Dan, Dan, you dirty old man!

Zagg said...

I agree. Eileen has really become quite a horrible character. To shamelessly chase after Michael, knowing the situation is inexcusable. Even if she doesn't get along with Gail, they are neighbors and it just feels so mean and selfish. I guess we know where Todd gets it from now.

Catman said...

Roy passes the driving test (at least, I hope). More interesting than all the other over blown nonsense. Also, I liked the way he put the gamblers out of the cafe. No compromise with his admirable virtues.

Anonymous said...

Omg, with what Eileen's had to put up with her two sons, plus a bitter, vindictive neighbour - I don't blame her in the least and wish her and Michael good times.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comments about Eileen and Michael. After the way they were so rude to Gail in her son's restaurant wondering why she was there when her only intention was to inform Eileen of Deirde's death to me,they became unrootable as a couple.
I'm also bored with Michael's anger against Gail's and Andy's lies about Gavin.He abandoned his son all of his life,never expressing concern about his heart condition being heredity but it's Gail's fault he didn't know his son.No it's Andy's fault and his.
I also wonder how soon before he dumps Eileen when things get tough as that seems to be his m.o


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