Friday, 17 July 2015

Coronation Street Blog Quiz - Part 1

Sunny Jim found an old soaps quiz book in a charity shop this week and there's a massive section of Corrie questions.  So, here we go with the first of a regular Coronation Street quiz.

Some of these questions are a bit old and may be tricky for some. These quizzes will come in groups of 15 questions and here's the first set today. Good luck!

1. What was the original name of Coronation Street?
2. Who were the first people seen on screen when the show started in 1960?
3. What was the name of the Weatherfield shop that Emily Nugent managed?
4. What was the first scandal in Coronation Street?
5. Whose was the Street's first wedding?
6. Where did bus inspector Harry Hewitt propose to barmaid Concepta Riley?
7. Who were Ena Sharples' companions in the snug?
8. Where did Ken Barlow's father Frank retire to after his win on the premium bonds?
9. How did Martha Longhurst die?
10. Which number Coronation Street did the Ogdens move into in 1964?
11. What sport did Stan Ogden take up in October 1964?
12. Where did Elsie Tanner's daughter Linda and her Czech husband emigrate to?
13. How did tearaway Lucille Hewitt shock her teachers?
14. How did Elsie's estranged solider husband Steve meet his end?
15. Leslie and Maggie Clegg took over the corner shop in 1968 but their son Gordon was really the illegitimate child of another Street reglular - who?

If you want to check the answers to see how well you've done - the answers are here.  No peeking though.

We'll do regular Corrie quizzes over the coming weeks.

With thanks to Your Favourite Soaps Puzzle and Quiz Book

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John from Corriepedia said...

Not sure I agree with their answer to No.4. Surely back then the first one was Linda and Ivan splitting up?

Llifon said...

1. Florizel Street.
2. The girls playing outside the shop.
3. Gamma Garments
4. Elsie's poison pen letter?
5. Joan Walker and Gordon Davies
6. On the bus home from Blackpool
7. Minnie and Martha
8. Wilmslow
9. Heart attack in the snug
10. No. 13
11. Wrestling
12. Canada
13. Becoming a hippy?
14. Murdered by Joe Donnelli
15. Betty Turpin

Great quiz! :)

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