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Friday 24 July 2015

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 24 July

Friday 24th July
TRACY TAKES THE PLUNGE After spending the night together, Tracy and Robert are clearly loved up. Ken’s pleased to see them back together. Bumping into Tony, Robert’s scathing as Tony reminds Tracy he still owns half the shop and is going nowhere. When Tracy receives a text from Robert cancelling their evening together as he has to work, Beth suggests they pay Robert a visit at his restaurant. When Tracy and Beth, Robert feigns delight. But as Tracy pulls him in for a kiss, Joni enters the restaurant revealing that she’s Robert’s wife!
TIM CLEANS UP HIS ACT Suited and booted, Kevin tells Sally he’s off to see his bank manager about a business loan. Sally wishes him luck whilst Tim feels inadequate. Whilst cleaning the Kabin windows, Tim confides in Craig how he worries that he’s not good enough for Sally. Upon hearing music playing, the factory girls head out to see what’s going on. Sally’s stunned to see Tim, smartly dressed and clutching a bunch of flowers. Tim goes down on one knee and proposes to Sally.
BETHANY MAKES A DEAL WITH THE DEVIL When Bethany calls at Callum’s flat he explains he’s got work to do but suggests she accompanies him. Bethany’s delighted. Callum dupes Bethany into buying a stash of drugs on his behalf. As Bethany accepts the package, Callum secretly films her on his phone.
ELSEWHERE Beth finds a holiday brochure hidden under a cushion and assumes Kirk has booked a surprise holiday for them. Telling Kirk he’s the best husband in the world she says she knows about his secret plans for a holiday. Kirk’s bemused. Luke’s plans to go and look at a stock car are scuppered when Maria asks him to babysit for Liam. Gail accuses Eileen of trying to steal her husband.

Friday 24th July
TRACY FEELS MORE ALONE THAN EVER. Robert desperately tries to explain himself to Joni and Tracy.  Joni turns on Tracy accusing her of ruining her marriage as Robert was always clearly obsessed by her. Tracy arrives home in floods of tears and explains to Ken how Robert is already married. Robert calls at No.1 and assures Tracy his marriage to Joni is over and he never stopped loving her. Will Tracy accept this?
TIM FEELS LIKE AN IMPOSTER AT HIS OWN PARTY. Tim’s over the moon when Sally accepts his proposal. As they celebrate their engagement in the Rovers, Sally bangs on about Kevin’s business ambitions and how successful he’ll be one day. As Sally, Kevin and Sophie joke about Kevin’s business prowess, Tim watches jealously from the sidelines.
BETHANY’S IN ABOVE HER HEAD. Callum and Bethany meet with Gemma in the Dog & Gun. Callum plies Bethany with vodka and invites the girls back to his flat. Callum forces Bethany to smoke a joint and captures it on his phone. When Bethany arrives home drunk Sarah suspects she’s been up to no good. Meanwhile Callum admires his photos of Bethany, telling Gemma they could prove very useful.
ELSEWHERE When Sinead reveals she’s booked a camping holiday in Wales for herself and Chesney, Beth realises she got the wrong end of the stick. Aware of Beth’s disappointment, Ches suggests they all go together and invites Tyrone and Fiz along too. How will Sinead react? Tony grovels to Jason for letting him down. Realising she scuppered Luke’s plans, Maria resolves to make it up to him.

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dhvinyl said...

I disagree. For me Tim is a perfect Coronation Street character and the scriptwriters obviously love using him. He pricks pomposity and gets all the best lines.

Pippa Dee said...

I disagree too. Sally and Tim are great together, Sally and Kevin are so old hat now, too much water under the bridge and all that.

Emma Hynes said...

Sally and Tim all the way

Humpty Dumpty said...

It's part of Sally's pretentiousness to take the credit for Kevin's success. I'd hate to see them back together. Tim is perfect for her. They obviously have a great sex life, Kevin would be too tired out. Tim calms her down when she's angry, Kevin would wind her up even more. Sally loves to be admired and adored. Tim provides that, Kevin would be off in his own world in no time.

Anonymous said...

@ Humpty Dumpty That's a great observation I hadn't thought about before! -ELK

Tvor said...

Add to that, Sally would have to take on little Jack, the reminder of Kevin's affair. That was the roadblock the last time around. Sally and Kevin together would be dull and very "samey", not fresh and new and fizzing with chemistry like Sally and Tim.

Emma Hynes said...

I love that Tim can see right through her pretentiousness, and plays along because he loves her and also, rather enjoys it. She secretly knows he can see through her and loves him for it. Match made in heaven.

Anonymous said...

Count me in on Team Tim and Sally!Tim keeps Sally grounded and a cool head in a crisis whereas Kevin is quick to lose his temper.Besides why would Sally want to go back to Kevin who cheated on her twice and had the gall to blame her for the affairs and fathered another woman's child expecting her to raise as her own?

Anonymous said...

Another vote for Tim and Sally!


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