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Friday 17 July 2015

Why I never want Tracy Barlow to be good

Tracy Barlow is a villain amongst villains in the world of soap.  But now, after the death of Deirdre, it looks like Tracy's turning over a new leaf. 

Please, Corrie, no, leave her as bad as she is.

We all hate Tracy because she's so bad. That's the joy in watching her. I'm not buying into her new sunny disposition because it can't be allowed to last. That's how soaps work, we need evil Tracy to boo and hiss at from our sofa. That's what she's there for.  I don't want her to change. 

My guess is that the redemption of Tracy Barlow will be a short-lived affair.  Our blogger Emma wrote a wonderful piece on Tracy's Choice.  My feeling is that gripped with grief after her mum's death and after a stern talking-to from Peter, Tracy will choose to change... but it won't last.  Evil will out. Please.

Let's have a look at some of the evil that is Tracy Barlow.

She started off being a troublesome teenager - and here's the classic scene when she's just found out, from Maggie Redman, about Deirdre's affair with Mike.

But being a troubled teenager isn't that bad in itself. We've all gone through it.

There was worse to come when Tracy slept with Blanche's boyfriend Wally after she thought he was worth a fortune. He wasn't.

But then things turned darker.  Jealous that boyfriend Charlie Stubbs had got his ex-girlfriend Shelley Unwin up the duff, Tracy's inner-devil outed itself. She wasn't going to let Charlie get away with cheating on her. Fair enough.  But Tracy went too far, she turned into psycho-Tracy. She burned her own arm on the iron and pretended that Charlie had given her the injury. Then she killed him, claiming self-defence.

Then she laid a one-penny bet with Bev Unwin that she could get Roy Cropper into bed. She drugged Roy's drink and dragged him home, making out that they'd had ess-ee-ex when they hadn't.  When Tracy became pregnant with Steve's baby, she told Roy it was his child. The storyline saw por Roy driven to contemplate suicide.

Roy did the decent thing, in his mind, and married Tracy for the sake of what he thought was 'their' child, and all the while Tracy knew it was Steve's.  Roy and Hayley handed over thousands of pounds to Tracy in exchange for the baby which they named Patience Cropper.  When the truth came out, they had to hand the baby back and Tracy renamed her Amy Katherine instead.

When Steve was going out with Becky McDonald, he slept with Tracy after an argument with Becky. Tracy ended up pregnant with twins but miscarried both babies. She lied to everyone and said that Becky had pushed her down the stairs, causing the miscarriage. Becky discovered proof of the real reason for Tracy's miscarriage and showed Steve the doctor's note - right after he'd gone and wed Tracy. Now that's a lesson in getting revenge. Tracy could learn a thing or two. It'd be much less painful than burning your own stupid arm on your iron.

And most recent of all, Tracy caused the fire in Victoria Court which led to the death of Kal Nazir and Maddie Heath.  She's letting Carla Connor think the fire and the deaths were all her fault.  If Tracy does redeem herself, will she admit this to Carla and to everyone?

It has to come out, it must. These things never stay hidden in the world of soap.  But when it does come out, and even if Tracy and Carla hug and make-up (which seems unlikely), please Mr Corrie Man, can we have nasty Tracy back again?

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Emma Hynes said...

Great stuff! Loved watching the clips.

Humpty Dumpty said...

A provocative blog! I could say a lot to disagree but I won't take the bait. Suffice to say that Tracy is extreeeemely boring to watch as a one-dimensional character; not even 2D anymore.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid Tracey's character as villain hasn't shown enough layers to make her interesting to watch. I'm hoping that her attempt to reform will be portrayed as a struggle, which may make her story more engaging.

Anonymous said...

If being superficial and predictable defines a great villain, then Tracy is your gal.

Anonymous said...

Brill!! XooX


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