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Wednesday 29 July 2015

Coronation Street episode review, Weds 29 July

A warm, dry welcome to this Wednesday review to escape the very wet weather you'll have been experiencing if you're up here in the North.

What started as a 'bridge' episode quickly turned otherwise, as the bridge collapsed.  Fiz, Tyrone, Roy and Cathy have organised a NOT double date. Assumptions that Cathy and Roy are now an item causes Roy to feel very perturbed, most likely because of Hayley.  I'm sure that we are all agreed that if Hayley could see him now, she'd be cheering him on with Cathy. She's probably writing her blessing in bright red lipstick on the big window in the sky. Cathy insists on making her 'Toffana Pie'-  her take on banoffee pie. Flustered because of the assumptions, Roy sharply sends Cathy away, claiming he is too busy to talk.

Roy: "I'll be doing a mango sorbet"
Cathy: "I'm not so keen on sorbet. I've always thought it's a bit of a con. It looks like ice-cream, feels a bit like ice-cream.
Tastes like toothpaste. Though...I'm sure yours is lovely..."

As Cathy readies herself for the dinner party, she spots a book she thinks Roy would like. Of course, it is wedged under a mountain of junk. As she pulls on it, an avalanche of items topples over. This is where the 'bridge' collapses. Over at the dinner party, the mechanic, the knicker-maker and Roy grow concerned as Cathy is now 45 minutes late. Thinking he had upset her earlier, Roy visits Cathy (it's a good thing he passed his driving test last week). He has to shout through the letterbox as the door is locked and Cathy can't move. She has been engulfed by years of treasured possessions (clutter). But it's not all bad. Cathy has been helping herself to some of the Toffana Pie which has fallen next to her.

The hero of the hour breaks the door down with a fire extinguisher he keeps in his car and rescues the woman who he is NOT dating. This is a very interesting storyline; rather comic on the outside but the further it goes, the more serious it becomes and I think tonight's episode was a catalyst for the storyline.

Cathy: "I'm not on fire"
Roy: "Oh no, I used this to get in the door. I keep it in the Woody.
Though not yet mandatory in private vehicles in the UK, in many European vehicles they are"

Eileen and Michael came down the stairs together this morning. In terms of soap cliches, everyone knows what that means. Michael is wearing a dressing gown which Gail bought him, which Eileen is secretly smirking at. She goes to make him a 'well earned' fry-no- grill-up. Later on, in the pub, Eileen can't resist rubbing salt in Gail's wounds. She stands at the bar, smiling at Gail in a patronising manner and draping her arms around her new man, Unfortunately, Michael doesn't see the funny side and leaves. I am absolutely loving this storyline. I'd be more than happy to see a Gail vs Eileen spin-off!
Michael: "Don't upset her unnecessarily"
Eileen: "Upsetting Gail has been my life's work. I've gotta get my pleasure somewhere"

Over at the factory, Sally and Alya are preparing for an important meeting. But something is troubling Alya. The smug-needs-a-slap-Sally patronises her colleague about facts and figures and falls all over the potential client, whilst Alya has to make a quick exit, looking sickly. Sally puts this down to a dodgy hotpot. Later on, a nervous Alya sits in a cubicle at the Rovers loos after yet another scornful lecture from Sally and unwraps a pregnancy test. But she can't do it. This is also an intriguing storyline and will certainly bring lots of questions.

Alya: "I was ill"
Sally: "Yeah, well, don't bother going to see a doctor. I diagnose a severe case of being out of your depth"

Elsewhere, Callum dispels Bethany's claims to Sarah that he is potentially cheating. I know Bethany is controversial, but I like her. She's feisty and devious.  I just hope her character is reformed or redeemed somehow and she matures. I am impressed with Lucy Fallon as Bethany recently.

Ken calls at the Rovers, telling Liz about how he is sorting out Deirdre's things. He has decided that she should have a piece of jewellery which Deirdre loved and inherited from Blanche. Just after, Tony turns up again, saying that he will sell his half of the pub back to Steve. Liz is far less than thrilled than this idea and Tony leaves, his offer in the air.
Ken: "Your friendship was everything to Deirdre"
Liz: "Well thank you, I will treasure this"

In most places, this episode was a 'bridge' episode but was largely entertaining in places. The highlight for me was, of course, the Gail/Eileen scene in the pub.

Thanks for reading.


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Anonymous said...

In as much as I despise the idiocy that has become Gail, I find Eileen's behaviour childish bordering on pathetic. She'll lose Michael with her nonsense, much like she lost the last man. And it will serve her right!

corrierules said...

Great review. I especially enjoyed the pictures with the captions -- very nice touch. Thanks

vintgal003 said...

Yah...Roy passed his driving test!! What a lovely touch of the gift to Liz...... Adding the dialogue bits underneath..*excellent* Jordan....cheers!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the Roy/Cathy scenes tonight but was perturbed by two things in the rest of the episode. Surely in the pub Emily was wheeled in to fill the space next to Gail that should have been occupied by Audrey. Where is Sue Nicholls? Secondly, I struggle every time the issue of Tony's ownership of a half-share of the Rovers and how he got Steve to sell it to him is mentioned. It's the mental equivalent of an Escher drawing where the mind goes round and round trying to figure it out without any hope of finding an answer.

Anonymous said...

One thing that I thought strange about this episode, where were Hope and Ruby whilst Tyrone and Fizz were sitting drinking cans of beer on Roy's sofa? No mention that anyone was babysitting them or they were both asleep in Roy's bedroom. Nothing! Come to think of it, have we seen either of them since Fizz's return to the street?

Llifon said...

Yes I noticed that too with Emily and Gail. Especially as Rita wasn't there either. Gail and Emily haven't sat together since the cafe days years ago.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Did I miss the episode where Callum bought the gym? Silly scene where Callum threatens Luke because there are no hand towels in the toilets. It's not good enough, he cries, poking Luke in the chest. He'll be moaning about the lack of hand cream next. Good grief, gym owners, you don't let members intimidate your staff! Either call the police about his threatening behaviour or, at the very least, cancel his membership.

Anonymous said...

So many stories are going round in circles. The Gail/Michael/Eileen one needs resolving fast, Callum does the same unconvincing routine every episode, and now the Liz/Tony and Roy/Cathy stories are stuck on repeat. I'm close to giving up - nothing moves on.

Anonymous said...

I liked the way Gail was sat with Emily as these two characters have a long history but I too am concerned as to where Audrey is. I rolled my eyes in disbelief that Alya would keep the pregnancy kit in her ruddy handbag! - Micky

Anonymous said...

Why does Callum think he is even slightly threatening? Luke should've gone nose to nose with him and just gone "BOO"!

Callum would've needed more than hand towels. The pussy!

Graeme N said...

Great review Jordan. To those concerned about Sue Nicholls, I see from the spoilers that Audrey is in this Friday's episodes. Perhaps she just had a few days off?

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope so Graeme!

Belle Fleur said...

Now I dont want to be rude but would you really want to eat a cake or anything else prepared by Cathy in that hoarders hovel? Felt sorry for Luke being left out of curry night. Where does the factory get this endless stream of Buyers from? Who would want to deal with the most unprofessonal factory in England when you could go to the Middle East or China for s fraction of the price. This place really needs dragging into the 21st century.

Anonymous said...

For Gawdsake Gail..grow a pair and quit being the doormat of the street! Why are they even fighting over Michael - such a shallow sap.
The Nazir's seem to have gotten lost somewhere so maybe something else for them other than popping up to order coffee or some such? I can't believe they are actually endorsing the engagement of their beloved Alya and that no-account Gary. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

At the risk of sounding disrespectful,I wondered why would Ken be giving away Deirdre's jewelery particurely those inherited by her mother to Liz?Granted Liz was Deirdre's 'best friend' but surely Deirde's jewelry should've gone to Tracy and Amy?If I were Tracy,I would be upset seeing my father give away my mother's jewelry.

Anonymous said...

I know that Sally can be smug, but quite frankly, Alya's attitude lately has been getting on my nerves too. She's going around with a great big chip on her shoulder and is rude to everyone. Yes, she lost her father, but the rest of her family has lost him too and they aren't playing the prima donna about it. I know that everyone grieves differently, but grown up people are still able to treat those about them with civility in such circumstances. And to be fair to Sally, I think she was giving Alya some good advice.


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