Sunday, 26 July 2015

Play our fiendish Coronation Street quiz

With thanks to a very old soaps quiz book that Sunny Jim found in a charity shop recently, here we go with another of our Coronation Street quizzes.  The earlier ones can be found here.

There's no prizes for winning, so don't ring in. It's just for fun. Mind you, it is rather tricky.

Answers are at

1. What was the name of Minnie Caldwell's cat?
2. Why was Minnie's lodger Jed Stone sent to jail?
3. Where did Annie Walker's husband Jack die?
4. Why did Hilda Ogden go to Australia in April 1970?
5. How much did Dave Smith lend her to fly there?
6. How did Emily's husband Ernest Bishop die?
7. Who caused the break-up of Ray and Deirdre Langton's marriage?
8. Where did Ena Sharples move to when she left the street?
9. Why did Emily's marriage to Arthur Swain break up?
10. Who did barman Fred Gee marry?
11. How did Rita and Jenny Bradley meet?
12. Where was Alan Bradley held after trying to murder Rita?
13. What was he eventually convicted of?

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Mr Sutton said...

1. Bobby the cat
2. Not sure – receiving stolen goods?
3. Behind bar of the Rovers
4. Wasn’t her son in law, Ken’s brother, killed in a car accident?
5. Don’t know
6. Shot by robbers in the factory, then owned by Mike Baldwin, one of the killers returned, played by another actor, and had a relationship with Eileen I think.
7. A young black girl, cant remember her name. That was totally out the blue as Ray and Diedre seemed very happy. I think it was becaue the actoer wanted to elave.
8. Don’t know
9. Did they ever marry? I thought she jilted him at the alter or was that Swindley?
10. Was it Eunice Gee? Now to be seen as Pearl on Emmerdale
11. Jennybradley was a papergirl for the Kabin
12. Don’t know
13. Don’t know

Anonymous said...

2. handling stolen blankets
4. Irma's husband and son died in a car accident
5. £600
7. Ray planned to move to Holland, but Deirdre didn't want to go
8. St Anne's
9. It was Arnold Swain and he was already married
10. 1) Edna 2) Eunice Nuttall
13. deception and actual bodily harm

Anonymous said...

9. Yes, the Street's first polygamy storyline, except back then Arnold didn't have multiple wives on the go, he failed to get a divorce in the distant past. How times have changed!

Louby said...

Ray had an affair with Janice who worked in the cafe.

Llifon said...

1. Bobby
2. Selling stolen blankets
3. Derby
4. Because David Barlow and son Darren had died.
5. £700
6. Shot dead in a wages snatch
7. Janice Stubbs
8. St. Anne's
9. He was a bigamist
10. Eunice Nuttall
11. Rita fostered Jenny after her mother died
12. Prison
13. Assault

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