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Wednesday 29 July 2015

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 29 July

Wednesday 29th July
PROBLEMS PILE ON FOR CATHY When Cathy calls in the caf√© and offers to make the desert for the curry night, Roy’s curt with her and Cathy leaves chastened. At home Cathy has a fright when a pile of boxes suddenly come tumbling down upon her. Cathy lies trapped and unconscious. When Cathy fails to turn up for the curry evening, Roy’s concerned and sets off to Cathy’s house to find out what’s happened. Realising she’s trapped, Roy breaks the door down and rescues her from the pile of debris. Pointing out that her house is a potential death trap, Roy vows to do something about it.
ALYA FACES AN UNEXPECTED SURPRISE As Alya prepares for a business meeting, she’s suddenly overcome with nausea and scuttles off to the loo leaving Sally to deal with the client. In the Rovers loos, Alya toys with a pregnancy testing kit but loses her nerve and shoves it back in her bag.
SARAH CONFRONTS CALLUM In front of Callum, Sarah confronts Bethany demanding to know why she said Callum eyes up other women. Bethany squirms with humiliation. After the showdown with Sarah, Bethany’s clearly scared of Callum’s reaction. Apologising to Callum she assures him from now on she’ll do anything he wants. Has Callum got Bethany right where he wants her?
ELSEWHERE Eileen and Michael are loved up after spending the night together. Eileen enjoys rubbing Gail’s nose in it but Michael’s unimpressed by her childish behaviour.

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Belle Fleur said...

You know what, I am tired of needy Cathy and her ongoing problems. I thought she was going to be a support for Roy, she is just a drain.

AmandaB said...

Most unlikable character and a real waste of screen time.

Pippa Dee said...

Yes, must say I agree with the above two comments. Weird style of acting too.

Won't be watching Callum/Bethany/Sarah, it'll be the mute button for me.

And oh, I am so looking forward to Michael realising what a mean, spiteful bitch Eileen really is.

And Alya, potentially pregnant? Come on writers, surely you can do better than to fall back on that old chestnut!

Humpty Dumpty said...

There are a lot of us complaining about Corrie atm and I, for one, don't watch as much as I used to. You can easily pick up the story after one or two missed episodes. However, the viewing figures don't seem to reflect this and I wonder just how accurate the BARB statistics are. If I've got this right, it doesn't make any difference whatsoever if I stop watching Corrie but the BARB panel continue to watch. Presumably, you know if you're on the panel so maybe you feel obliged to watch more tv than you would if you weren't, a bit like the Gogglebox families. Anyone know more about this?

Dishwasher Crab said...

I used to be married to a hoarder. I wish a pile of boxes had fallen on him.

abbyk said...

I like Melanie Hill and think her acting in this role is spot on. What I don't like is the way, once again, a new character is introduced, a major issue is quickly revealed and a front burner story erupts, all while older characters we know and love are simmering away in the back. If I ran the zoo, the stupid shenanigans at the allotment (has anyone been there lately, must be pretty overgrown by now) would have been replaced with Roy sans Sharif saying hello to his new gardening neighbor. A shared flask of tea or two, some commonality, and there's a friendship. Over time, instead of awkwardly sneaking away, slowly reveal Cathy's issues and get her to the virtually unused community center for assistance. We coulda had a likable, believable new character, a raison d'être for the community center, and fulfillment and another connection for grieving Yasmeen. Oh well.

Laura said...

Great comment Abby!

Zagg said...

I am not really digging this Cathy character. She comes with too much baggage and her personality is a snoozefest. I am not feeling her connection at all. It seems too forced and she doesn't really fit in.

Anonymous said...

Oh, puhleeeeze!! Another pregnancy (scare or real) for a character who has barely had sex, bringing up another "who's the daddy?"
Haven't the writers got more imagination than that? This story has been done to death! Enough, already.


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