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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 22 July

Wednesday 22nd July
LEANNE FEELS THE FULL FORCE OF SIMON’S RAGE As the police arrive at Leanne’s flat, how far has Dan’s revenge gone? Will he make his getaway or be reprimanded? An already traumatised Liz is stunned when Tony appears, asking if she’s okay. Liz refuses to talk to him. Zeedan takes Simon back to the flat and sets about tidying up the mess left by Dan. Simon remains uncommunicative and Zeedan’s concerned for him. Released from hospital, Leanne returns home. Desperate to clear the air, Leanne persuades Simon to sit down with her and tries to explain how she’s made some mistakes in her life. But Leanne’s stunned as Simon launches both a verbal and physical attack on her?
CAN LIZ FORGIVE AND FORGET Tony returns to the pub and this time Liz agrees to hear him out. Tony begs Liz’s forgiveness for his affair and tells her he never stopped loving her. Will Liz be able to see past Tony’s betrayal?
EILEEN AND GAIL ARE GIVEN HOPE FROM MICHAEL Gail’s cheered when Kylie reckons Michael still has feelings for her or he wouldn’t be coming to Audrey’s party. However Michael confides in Eileen how he’s dreading the party and wishes he’d never agreed to go. As Michael readies to leave he’s shocked when Eileen silences him with a lingering kiss, will he respond?
ELSEWHERE Steve dreads the prospect of returning Rover to her rightful owners. Kevin suggests to Tyrone they take out a loan to buy Vince’s business. But when Fiz points out the risks involved will Tyrone agree?

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Anonymous said...

Ugh, poor Michael! Must be like being pounced on by a grizzly.

Anonymous said...

It's ironic, almost hyporcritical for Fiz who has a fraud conviction to give Tyrone financial advice with regard to his partnership with the garage.It's a shame to see Fiz return to her controlling ways.

Anonymous said...

That picture of Eileen and Michael actually made me feel physically ill. Let us pray this union does not last. Friends, yes. Lovers, gross.

Catman said...

Agreed, no, double #@&*+$ agreed!

Catman said...

Oy! The writers have changed the persona of too many characters of late.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what everyone is saying about how the writers are changing Eileen for the worse and I wish they wouldn't. But it bothers me when people talk about how gross the idea of Eileen and Michael having sex together is, because they probably wouldn't say that if Eileen was younger and svelter. I hope I'm wrong, but it seems like she gets made fun of sometimes just because she's a big woman. The whole feud with Gail is supposed to be funny because of their size difference, but usually Gail, the petite, well-groomed one, is successful with men, gets married, etc. Has Eileen ever been married? I for one would love to see Eileen get the guy for once and settle down. Before the writers started messing with her character, I liked her a lot more than Gail. She's smart. Regardless of traditional standards of whatever female beauty is supposed to look like, smart is sexy and so is -or was - Eileen.

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