Thursday, 23 July 2015

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Thurs 23 July

Thursday 23rd July
MICHAEL HAS A CHOICE TO MAKE Eileen’s excited to receive a text from Michael inviting her to dinner. Gail finds Eileen in the salon where they’re having their hair done, both secretly hoping to impress Michael. With Audrey’s party in full swing, Michael tries to sneak away. Eileen arrives for their dinner date but when Michael asks her to return home Eileen’s crushed. Gail’s thrilled, thinking he’s chosen her over Eileen but Michael has news for both the women in his life.
LEANNE FACES UP TO THE ENEMY WITHIN Having been questioned over the events with Dan, Simon leaves the police station with Leanne. Leanne tries to talk to him but Simon remains sullen. Back at home will he open up?
TRACY’S FALLING FOR HER EX-HUSBAND Robert invites Ken and Tracy to join him at a trade fair. While they’re out a woman named Joni calls at No.1 looking for Tracy. After a lovely day out, Robert offers to cook for Ken and Tracy again. Tracy kisses him, inviting Robert to stay the night. Robert surreptitiously makes a call, claiming he’s staying at a mate’s house. What’s he up to?
ELSEWHERE Not wishing to be outdone by Kevin, Tim tells Sally of his ambitious plans to sign-up an entire housing estate on his window round. Will his plan succeed? When a buoyant Kevin tells them how well his business meeting went, Sally’s impressed leaving Tim even more deflated. Callum tells Bethany to call at his flat and together they’ll hatch a plan to force Sarah to let her go to Paris.

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Bell Feleur said...

Now I am no fan of Tracy but she was at a low ebb after her mother's death, Robert turned up and supported her, told her he had never got over her but forgot to mention he had a wife! Now we are to have yet another catfight on the cobbles - classy. I wondered whether Robert would get teh job at the Bistro as they conveniently seem to be suddenly advertising and he is a chef.

Anonymous said...

Just saw tonight's preview . How the actors must've laughed when Michael says what he does to Gail about. Eileen . Made me laugh out loud . Can't wait for the tonight.
BTW we too immediately thought that Robert was going to get the chefs job at the bistro . Is Tracey going to get her (cold) heart broken again? Will that signal an end to the 'reformed' Tracey ? Mmm

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