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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Desperate Dan

In future episodes of Coronation Street, we'll see Dan the brewery man lose his temper and show his true colours.  A desperate man indeed. Desperate Dan, in fact. The similarities are all there.

The stubble on the face, the cheeky wink.

Dan, Dan the fighting man.

And while we haven't seen him tuck into hot-pot, never mind cow-pie, you'll have to bear with. It's the best picture I could make. I'm good with words and rubbish with pics!  Mind you, I get the feeling that once Liz finds out about his violent past, she'll be making mincemeat out of him. Now that would just be dandy.

With lots of love and respect to The Dandy.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

Like it!

C in Canada said...

Yeah, Liz will make mincemeat out of him, and then he'll go and make mincemeat out of Leanne as promised.

ruth owen said...

Love that comparison Flamin' Nora!

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