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Thursday 30 July 2015

Craig Charles has filmed his final Corrie scenes

Craig Charles, who plays Lloyd Mullaney on Coronation Street, has filmed his final scenes.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Lloyd has left the building - and the show.

However, I wonder if he will be returning for the live episode in September.  Hayley Tamaddon, who plays Lloyd's girlfriend Andrea, revealed in an interview with Radio Times earlier this year that  Andrea will leave the show with Lloyd during September’s live episode. 

I'll miss Craig Charles a lot on the show as I rate him highly as an actor and Lloyd's a great character too. 

Craig is leaving to record a new series of Red Dwarf as well as taking his trunk of funk on the road with the Funk and Soul Roadshow, and continuing his Radio 6 funk and soul show, which I love.

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Last time Craig left the show for a break in December 2011, Streetcars gave Lloyd a 10-horn salute as the cabs beeped their horns on his exit, as it were.

Let's hope we'll see Craig again on Coronation Street.

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Anonymous said...

He'll be back.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Filming is usually a couple of months before transmission so it's probably a seamless exit. I wonder if Steve's money problems will be solved by he and Lloyd selling Streetcars. Steve will then have the money to buy Tony's share of the Rovers. I'll be sorry to see Lloyd go but delighted to see Dave Lister in Red Dwarf again. At least, he gets some proper screen time there. Just as an after thought, maybe Lloyd and Andrea die in an accident in the live episode. Their exit would have to be something more dramatic than waving them off to a new life in Bognor.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why these actors can come and go as they please. I'll try this on my boss next week..take a few months off to try something new..I'm sure I'll be welcomed back.
Corrie needs new blood anyway. This guy needs his own revolving door!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 21:06, completely disagree. The schedule for these actors sounds punishing, plus they are creative people who might want to do something else in life for a little while besides serve our needs to watch Corrie 6x a week. I think every actor should have guaranteed sabbatical time to stay sane, do other things, but also come back if invited.

vintgal003 said...

I am a major Lloyd fan...always have been.....I truly hope he will walk upon the Corrie cobbles a little down the road.... Yes he has a fabulous BBC 6 Funk show on Saturdays and also (for the summer) has a super Saturday show on BBC is link for those interested!

Anonymous said...

I will miss him greatly - one of the last remaining great actors on Corrie - pretty soon we will be left with nothing but the ones who know they probably won't find work anywhere else - Corrie needs a good shake-up and create storylines for the really good actors that are left and get rid of the other ones who have definitely outstayed their expiry date - names not required, viewers know which ones I'm talking about

Anonymous said...

Anon 23:00 well said! I agree with all of your comments!

Anonymous said...

I hope he is back soon .I liked he and Andrea a lot ....You need some light hearted moments on the show. I think the reason so many actors are leaving is that Blackburn does not want them doing other things ...even on their own time !!
I will miss them both . I am just tired of Blackburns explosive moments ...which he promised a few months ago .....too depressing ....
SAome of the ebst stories over the years are those that are just fun stories and show the humn side of characters and the street residents .

Belle Fleur said...

Lloyd and left and returned so many times, I doubt whethe his leaving again this time will make much impact. Characters are soon forgotton. Glad Andrea is going too, she never gelled for me and was just an annoying appendage and should have left a long time ago.

Samantha From Canada said...

I sure hope that Lloyd/Charles comes back. His chemistry with Steve is just hilarious!

I was not too sure about Andrea when she first came on screen, but I have grown to love her as well.

I hope that they both come back.


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