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Friday 31 July 2015

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Friday 31 July

Friday 31st July
ROY AND CATHY ARE THE PICTURE OF FRIENDSHIP Roy persuades a reluctant Cathy to have a day out with him whilst Tyrone, Fiz and Chesney kindly clear some junk out of her house. At Cathy’s request, they visit an art gallery. Roy’s impressed with her knowledge and it’s clear they’ve both enjoyed themselves. Tyrone, Fiz and Chesney work hard clearing out Cathy’s junk. But when Roy and Cathy return home and they reveal the fruits of their labour, how will Cathy react?
MUM’S THE WORD FOR ALYA Yasmeen’s excited at the thought of planning the wedding, guilt-ridden Alya does her best to appear enthusiastic. Plucking up the courage, Alya heads to the Underworld loos with her pregnancy testing kit. But when Beth finds the pregnancy testing kit in the bin, she and Sean wonder who it belongs to. Sinead glances at Alya, aware there’s something bothering her, but keeps her counsel. As Gary arrives in the factory to collect Alya, Beth produces the pregnancy testing kit and teases Alya by suggesting it’s hers. Alya’s alarmed whilst Gary’s bemused.
AUDREY ATTEMPTS TO BUILD BRIDGES Audrey summons Gail, Sarah and Bethany to the Salon for a pampering session, hoping they can iron out their differences. Can she unite the family once more? ELSEWHERE When a stroppy customer calls in the cab office and drops her bracelet, Eileen pockets it and Michael’s perturbed by her dishonesty.

Friday 31st July
ROY RUES HIS ACTIONS As Roy calms Cathy down, Tyrone shows her how they’ve boxed up all her junk and labelled it so she can decide what to dump and what to keep. Cathy’s touched, revealing how after Alan’s death, hoarding junk gave her comfort. Telling her to call if she needs him, Roy heads home. Clearly in a state, Cathy arrives at the café and admits to Roy that she’s scared that the longer she stays in the house, the worse she’ll become. Sympathetic, Roy makes Cathy an offer.
ALYA CONFESSES THE TRUTH TO SINEAD Sinead comes to Alya’s rescue, making out the pregnancy test was hers and it was negative. Will Gary accept this? Alya feels terrible and as she and Gary meet with Yasmeen, Sharif, and Anna to discuss wedding plans, the stress becomes too much for Alya and she heads out for some air. Sinead finds Alya in tears on the street. Alya breaks down and swearing Sinead to secrecy, confesses how she had sex with Jason. Catching up with Alya, is Gary about to discover the awful truth?
KYLIE RETURNS WITH NEWS OF DAVID Kylie arrives home with Max and Lily and explains to Gail that David is spending a few days alone with his Dad as Max’s continual references to Callum were getting him down. Sarah feels guilty.
ELSEWHERE Under pressure from Michael, Eileen begrudgingly agrees that if the customer returns looking for her bracelet, she’ll hand it over. Finding sulky Bethany alone at the bus stop, Sarah cancels her date with Callum and persuades Bethany to join her at the chippy.

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Anonymous said...

Can't believe it, mention of Martin Platt after all these years?

Anonymous said...

Sarah now feels guilty?Really?To feel guilty,you need a conscience and Sarah certainly didn't have that when she started dating Callum despite everyone's warnings.After being a dragged out custody battle for months between Callum and David,I hope the storyline isn't draggedout further by becoming about 'poor Princess Sarah'now.

Cobblestone said...

Having now watched both these episodes, are we now justified in becoming concerned about the absence of Sue Nicholls? The Bolognese scenes were clearly hastily contrived fillers to cover the missing Salon scenes that were advertised. I only hope she's all right as Audrey is possibly my favourite character.

Anonymous said...

Audrey definitely wasn't there and also Eileen didn't agree to give back the bracelet - it was a case of finders keeрers and рayback to eileen's рocket!

Pootle5 said...

My dislike of Bethany and Sarah is growing by each episode they are in and spoiling.


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