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Monday 27 July 2015

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 27 July

In the caf√© Sarah and Bethany are snarling at each other. Anna suggests it might be an idea for Faye and Bethany to get together. Faye at least says 'hi' to Bethany but Bethany holds fast with the sneering and condescension and barely looks at Faye. Then there’s the sarcasm, as Anna acknowledges that you can’t say play together any more. ‘ We could do colouring and dress up as princesses!’  mocks Bethany.

The relationship between Bethany and Sarah is an interesting one. I cannot recall any other mother child relationship where there is but 13 years between mother and child Because of the young age of the mother, there are bound to be differences between such a relationship and one in which the mother is a ‘normal’ age. With that in mind it does seem as if Bethany almost hates her mother, or at the very least, resents her.
 When Bethany asks to take a taxi to the Dog and Gun, on her own, was Lloyd in any way curious as to why a 15 year old girl would be going to a pub, a dodgy one at that, which, as a man of the world, Lloyd would know full well and indeed does as he relates a violent incident outside the pub. In his defence Bethany tells him that she is going to see a friend who lives near the pub, but wouldn’t you then offer to take your young passenger to the friend’s house? Does he also not notice that she is dressed up and is wearing a trowel load of make up?  And, by putting two and two together, might Lloyd conclude that maybe, taking her to a dodgy pub might not be the thing to do, at least without checking with her family first? He does give her his card, which at least something.

In The Rovers, Gail asks Sarah where her daughter is. Sarah says she can’t hold her hand all summer. The conversation takes a rather unpleasant turn as Sarah  criticises her own mother. ‘The men always came first,’ she says and the spectre of  Richard Hilman is raised. Lloyd joins them and tells Sarah where he dropped Bethany. Sarah is horrified and charges after her.

Bethany strolls into the The Dog and Gun, determined to appear nonchalant.
Getting herself deeper in, Bethany offers to do a delivery for Callum. He passes a small packet to her which she slips into her pocket, not long before the police decide to raid the pub. Reluctant as I am to compliment Callum, he did take the packet of drugs off her, so that she wouldn’t be arrested,  so maybe he does have a shred of  decency. Gemma wasn’t so lucky and was taken away.  Amusingly, one of the policemen calls Callum after a Columbian cartel leader, Pablo Escovar. That leaves Bethany and Callum on their own, flirting and discussing feelings.  She reaches forward to kiss him but in fairness again, so a second shred of decency for Callum, he pulls away from her. Shortly afterwards Sarah turns up.

Tim proposed and Sally accepted and now they need to discuss the arrangements for the wedding.  Kevin calls in to let Tim know that in town there is a big care showroom looking for a new window cleaner. Kevin has even put a good word in for him.  Always keen on an opportunity to climb the social ladder, Sally is delighted while Tim puts on a veneer of interest and enthusiasm.

Gary decides that a romantic gesture is called for and so arrives at the factory with a picnic hamper. Kind of him though it is, it doesn’t quite suit Alya. She is wildly busy and has no time for picnics, and in an attempt to find her folder, knocks the hamper to the floor, Later Alya apologises and they finish the picnic in the caf√©.

So far so good for Miley with her paternal grandparents taking care of her. It’s Anna’s turn today to have Miley and she suggests to Faye that the three of them should all go to the park together. Faye seems less than enthusiastic. She’ll be at Craig’s watching films in the dark.  Tim spends time with Miley, who he adores and Anna, then goes into The Rovers where an angry Sally discovers him. Because he was with Miley, he didn’t go to the interview at the car showroom. Back home she rails at him for his lack of ambition. Tim tells her that she is comparing him to Kevin, which he does not appreciate. ‘There’s nothing wrong with trying to climb the ladder,’ Sally informs Tim. ‘I climb the ladder every day with a bucket of soapy water and a sponge, ’ Tim informs Sally. He adds, ‘Kevin ran off with another woman. I wouldn’t do that to you Sally.’  Reminded that Tim is a decent bloke, Sally apologises to Tim.

Still, even now, after several appearances of Cathy, I am left feeling confused.  And worse, I don’t believe in the relationship between Cathy and Roy. It feels contrived and superfluous. I recognize that Cathy has problems and that Roy feels, maybe, something approaching a duty to help her and rid her of her hoarding habit. I would love to know if others agree or if I am missing something. Anyway, Roy bravely gives her a ring.  Later she turns up and Tyrone asks if Roy and Cathy might like to join him and Fiz for curry night.
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Humpty Dumpty said...

I'm disappointed that nobody other than needy Cathy has come into Roy's life. It's as though Roy, being a bit odd himself, can only relate to other odd people.I was so looking forward to him becoming more self-confident and developing a wide circle of mature friends, some of whom he helps eg Cathy and Carla, and others who are good pals eg Ken, Sharif, maybe Norris. As far as Bethany goes, it would be better if there was one person in her family whose opinion she respected. Atm, she's just a spoilt brat with no friends. Perhaps Uncle Nick or Great Grandma could bring out another side to her personality. Faye became much more interesting when she started to confide in Craig.

Anonymous said...

Rather than demonstrating any decency, Callum is acting straight to character. He no doubt took the drugs off Bethany because he knows she's not savvy enough to keep her mouth shut and would rat him out. Purely self-preservation. He pulls away from Bethany's kiss because he's obviously using her for amusement, tormenting her, and gathering fodder for future use against her. If he kisses her, he's the one done for indecency with an under-aged girl. Again, purely self-interest, here.

Catman said...

Speaking of Craig, let's see more of him. Instead of inundating us with more and more characters, try making better use of what is in the cast already. Get back to Corrie roots!

Belle Fleure said...

Humpty I have to agree about Cathy. I so want to like her but I just dont, she just turns up all the tme and seems to take advantage and what Tyrone was talking about that she had been "a good mate" to Roy I really dont know as I cannot think of one nice thing she has done for him apart from buy him a toy steam engine. It all seems very one sided to me and I am afraid I dont think this needy hoarder with all her problems is good enough for our Roy.

Dolly Tubb said...

I'm sorry but I don't like the Cathy character, not sure why but she leaves me a bit cold right now. She has no spark, there's no reason to like her at the moment.
On the other hand, Callum is becoming far more interesting now we are seeing him in his own environment, and his 'day job' as a drug dealer is becoming more apparent.

John McE said...

I know I shouldn't, but I love Bethany - a smart, sassy teenager that gets away with murder. Long may she continue.

Anonymous said...

I knew a mother who was 16 years older than her daughter and she described them as having a 'best friend' relationship more than a parent-child relationship. I guess that can happen, although it doesn't seem to be the case with Sarah and Bethany. However I don't think Bethany hates her mother, so much as she feels compelled to compete with her. What's odder is Sarah's behaviour. Despite having been a single mum for so long, she seems to have no insights into her daughter's feelings nor experience handling her.

Tvor said...

I expect that Bethany and Sarah are too much alike and Bethany "hating" her mother seems like a phase that a lot of teenage girls go through. Attitude and contempt for a parent and their rules. Bethany seems to have done what she wanted in Italy and now in Weatherfield, she's got her grandmother pushing her mother to lay down the law and she doesn't like it one bit.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was hyporcritical for Sarah to accuse her mother that man always came first when she dated Callum out of spite and tried to entrap the Grimshaw brothers because she didn't want to be 'alone with Bethany'or any other bloke who smiled at her.
I agree with the comments about Cathy.I am disappointed in her as a love interest for Roy and I wished he was paired with Mary instead.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I know it has been said before multiple times, but Bethany's casting is absolutely ridiculous.

Should just recast it. Its not the actresses fault as such, I actually think she plays the part good, she just looks nothing like her age, worst casting ever.


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