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Thursday 23 July 2015

Coronation Street women - back on top form

Something has been happening to Coronation Street of late. Something quiet. Something wonderful.  The women are back where they belong, running the show. It's as it should be and about too time.

Coronation Street's women have been the backbone of the show since it started almost 55 years ago.  Finally it seems that the women are back in the spotlight and in the centre of the action of the show. The fact that this has prompted me to write a blog post goes to show how remarkable it is and how missed it has been.

The wonderful Beverly Callard as Liz McDonald.  Her fight with Tony last night was amazing. We rewound it and watched it again. Sadly, however, Bev Callard has revealed in a magazine interview that this is going to happen.

The excellent Kate Ford as manipulative, scheming Tracy Barlow.  Her goodness can't be allowed to last, please Corrie, no. I never want Tracy Barlow to be good.

The superb Jane Danson as Leanne Battersby.  I've never been a Leanne fan but I've got empathy oozing all over the place for her at the moment.

I took a very, very long time to warm to Carla Connor-Gordon-Barlow-Connor and for a long time felt her friendship with Roy was shoe-horned into the storyline and it felt forced, to me. But I'm converted now and a big Carla fan. Her scene before she jetted off to Madrid, with Roy in the cafe, had me in tears. I'll miss her when she goes off to take a break.

And of course, there's snobby Sally.  A legend in her own lunch-break. Sally Dynevor is excellent, playing a character I feel I've grown up with.

But oh, dearie me.  While Sue Nicholls as Audrey goes from strength to strength - and Audrey's 75 today - daughter Gail is being turned into a comedy fool.  Please stop this now, Corrie, and give Helen Worth as Gail the credit she's due with a stronger storyline and more drama.

However, much as I love the Corrie women being back on top form, I still firmly believe that Coronation Street lacks its battleaxe - bring her back soon.

And then there are the women I wish they'd use more and give more storylines to. My personal favourites are as follows:

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Anonymous said...

Happy to see you haven't included Eileen in your top women.

Awful awful character, they could do with losing her altogether.

Beth said...

I know that Leanne and Liz have come together because of the Dan storyline but they work well together. I'd like to see them form a good friendship despite the age difference.

Llifon said...

To be fair, Anna has had a busy few months and years so it's nice she's on the back burner for a bit. I'm no fan of Izzy or Yasmeen either.

But the others I'm all for.

Tvor said...

I wholly agree! Last night's Liz scenes and Leanne as well were mesmerizing! Not much of a fan of Izzy though I liked her in the early days when she had a lot of spark. She seems to have lost that even when we do get to see her on occasion. Very underused. Don't mind Anna but she's never been a favourite. I do like Eileen and I do enjoy comedy Gail though yes, she's got so much more potential. Having said that, she spent so many years being miserable, clad in widow's weeds and enduring so much drama that the change is different and probably the actress enjoys it. Love how they've progressed Sally over the years from being ambitious and pushing Kevin to trying to lord it over everyone in the factory and become the snob of the street!

John McE said...

It is great that Bev Callard has been given her chance to shine as, since she returned she has, too often, been underused. And she is a terrific actress when she gets good scripts.

I can't quite believe you've included Anna in your list of characters you'd like to see more of - if she was in it anymore, she'd have to
be in the opening credits!

I agree with you though about Steph - she is a brilliant addition to the cast... Can't say the same about Kal's mother (I can't even remember her name).

And yes, please allow Gail to grow old with a little dignity. Sally works brilliantly as a Hyacinth Bucket-wannabe, Gail as a simpering idiot just doesn't.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I wish Beth had more to do. There's a bit of Vera Duckworth about her; I think it's Beth's facial expressions as well as a very slight physical similarity. I wish they would give her some dramatic storylines rather than just use her for light relief. Gail will never grow up while Audrey's alive - which I hope will be for a very long time! - and acts like the older sister of the clan. Helen Worth can be great if she has a decent script. She's not brilliant playing a drunk; not many actors are. Izzy brings nothing to Corrie and should join either her sister or father. I rather fear they're going to try and bring Kevin and Sally together but hopefully they won't go the whole hog. Sally Dynevor denied in an interview that they would reunite but then Terence Maynard said that Tony's relationship with Tracy would be purely business. Sometimes the producers give away too much in trailers/spoilers and viewers guess the outcome.

Anonymous said...

Gail was reduced to the village idiot the moment she donned her rubber gloves and had her head down Nick's bog. Somewhere she got lost and a not so funny doppelganger arrived, all stupid grin and wringing hands. What gives here? It's not funny or endearing IMO...just annoying so knock it off already writers!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see the old Gail back. Helen Worth played that strong, clever character brilliantly. This drippy simpering version has no dignity and goes against all the actress's strengths. Can't Ted die, since he's unlikely to come back, and leave her some money so Gail can re-establish herself as an independent woman?

Unknown said...

I love Liz and Leanne together in this storyline

vintgal003 said...

Totally agree with your TOP actresses.....all stellar!! I am a BIG Debbie Rush fan and would have added her in the TOP category....

Clinkers (David) said...

Our household burst into laughter at Liz's performance last night - usual shouting and gurning. Well, that's our Liz!


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