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Monday 27 July 2015

Preview of tonight's double Corrie - Monday 27 July

Monday 27th July
BETHANY PLAYS WITH FIRE Dressed up to the nines, Bethany instructs Lloyd to drop her at the Dog & Gun. Trying to appear casual she joins Callum and Gemma in the pub. Amused Callum buys her drinks. Desperate to impress, Bethany offers to help Callum with his next delivery and he chucks her a small package of drugs. But when the police raid the Dog & Gun, will Bethany be arrested? Sarah’s horrified when Lloyd tells her he dropped Bethany at the Dog & Gun and sets off in search of her.
SALLY HAS BIG PLANS FOR TIM As Sally and Tim discuss their wedding, Kevin calls round and tells Tim there’s a car showroom in town looking for a new window cleaner and he’s put in a good word for him. Sally’s thrilled and Tim tries to appear enthusiastic. Will Tim make a good impression?
GARY’S ROMANTIC GESTURE BACKFIRES Gary calls in the factory with a picnic hamper, hoping to surprise Alya. But will he get the response he was hoping for?
ELSEWHERE Anna tells Faye she’s having Miley for the afternoon and suggests they all go to the park together. How will Faye react? Roy plucks up the courage and phones Cathy.

Monday 27th July
BETHANY’S HATRED OF SARAH GROWS Admitting she fancies him, Bethany tries to kiss Callum, but spotting Sarah approaching, Callum quickly backs away. Bethany’s mortified. Sarah drags Bethany home, where she tears a strip off her for drinking with Callum. Sarah meets Callum, telling him she reckons Bethany’s got a crush on him. Callum laughs it off dismissively but when Bethany later clocks Callum and Sarah kissing across the street her eyes narrow with envy. Bitter, Bethany tells Sarah to watch out as Callum is always eyeing up other women. Meeting Callum, Bethany assures him she won’t say a word about the drugs raid so long as he’s nice to her. Callum wonders if he’s met his match.
SALLY’S ON THE WARPATH. Having spent the afternoon with Anna and Miley, Tim heads to the pub where Sally finds him. Thoroughly annoyed with Tim for missing his appointment at the garage, she drags him home where she rows with Tim over his lack of ambition. But how will Sally react when Tim admits he’s fed up of being compared to Kevin?
CATHY FAVOURS CURRY WITH ROY Cathy calls at the caf√© and Roy’s pleased to see her. Tyrone suggests Cathy joins in their next curry night and Cathy accepts.
ELSEWHERE Alya apologises to Gary and they share what’s left of the picnic in the caf√©.

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Anonymous said...

So very fed up with Bethany, Callum & Sarah. Please wind these characters up now and be done with them all! Cannot stand it any longer.

And why are they bringing the baby back into the equation? I don't like this part of the show either, it's putting Anna and Tim in close quarters again, you can so see what is going to happen there. And Faye shouldn't have to have contact with the baby at all.

Dolly Tubb said...

The Tim/Anna affair is being signposted like a diversion on the M602. Sally now fancies Kevin again because of his 'ambition', making Tim unhappy with the constant comparison, and pushing Tim into The Shreiking Fishwife's arms because she has lower expectations (and the baby).

For once the Corrie PTB have done some thing universally loved, agreed with, totally approved of by the Corrie Collective by bringing Tim and Sally together, so why why WHY go and spoil it all? Anyone got SB's address?

Anonymous said...

I think the baby should remain in the equation. It was clear that she was not being totally removed from Faye's life and it would be unrealistic to think that Anna and Tim, who are her grandparents, would just forget about her. So many characters just drop into a black hole when they leave and are never mentioned again, even their close relatives act as though they never existed. I do hope this is not going to bring Anna and Tim together though because I like the Tim and Sally dynamic.

Anonymous said...

But Sally going after the next guy with the "ambitions" and the bigger paycheque is classic Sally. I never understood what a Sally Webster-type social-climbing, financial climber/superficial and pretentiousness personified character saw in someone like Tim, a beer-swilling layabout (but not a bad man). I've always thought he was a better match for Anna than Sally anyway. As usual, however, the writers want to HIT us with it, making it sooooooo obvious that Tim will rebel and Sally will look over to greener pastures to the garage and Kevin's potentially new expanded "empire". Wow... and dressing him now frequently in a business suit. Oh goody.. how irresistible for Sally.

I wouldn't mind at all an affair or more likely a breakup and re-hookup where Tim gets kicked out by Sally and after a tearful, touching good bye to Sophie, Tim proceeds to show up next door at Anna's doorstep.

Anonymous said...

But what annoys me is that it is so bloody predictable! I saw Anna & Tim getting together right from when Tim first appeared in the Street. And it will happen, mark my words. Such very lame ideas from the writers.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I wouldn't mind this story if Tim decided to do something more stretching as a way of regaining Sally's affections. Nothing wrong with window cleaning - I wish I could find someone to do mine - but most window cleaners have other strings to their bows. it's a weird career portfolio but perhaps his literacy skills improve so much that he trains to be a classroom assistant. Maybe the arrival of a grandchild made him realise he wants to help young people. Obviously, the writers will stretch the love triangle/quadrangle for all its worth but, eventually, Tim and Sally will reunite.

Anonymous said...

Oh I do hope so Humpty, I can't bear the thought of Anna with Tim.

Laura said...

I don't like the idea of continuous scenes of Tim sitting on the couch looking trapped while Anna clangs and shouts in her harpy way in the kitchen behind him. I'm cringing just thinking about it.

They had a really good thing going with the Tim and Kevin friendship, it will be a shame to see that ruined if they do this. Especially when neither of them have any other friends to speak of. The only time you really see Tyrone with Kevin is at the garage.

Is it just me, or does it seem like more and more they are showing characters mostly interacting with their own families, and neglecting to build on relationships with friends and characters who are not family or romantic partners? The Websters are insular, so are the Platts, Windasses and Nazirs.

Anonymous said...

@Laura, I think you're right that family relationships have become more insular over time, but I also think that under SB there has been an effort to shift that - for example, Craig and Faye, Simon and Zeedan, Tim and Kevin, Kylie and Eva, Roy and Tyrone, Tyrone and Luke. Before Maddie died, I thought she might develop a friendship with Zeedan when they bonded over their interaction with Norris. That said, the producers and writers could do even more to change this balance as the non-romantic couplings tend to be popular with viewers, or at least older viewers.

Anonymous said...

Kathy currys favour with Roy. Not Kathy favours curry with Roy. Does she not like eating curry with people other than Roy as much?

Anonymous said...

I think it was meant to be a play on words. Cathy is joining the curry night with Roy and the others.


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