Thursday, 23 July 2015

Trifle throwing voted fans' favourite Deirdre Barlow moment

Coronation Street Blog readers have voted Deirdre's penultimate scene back in October 2014 as their favourite Deirdre moment. 403 voted (2 were dismissed) and 93 (23.08%) voted for Deirdre throwing the trifle at No.1's wall.

In second place, receiving 56 votes (13.83%) was when she got a Manchester tart in the face by Gail in August 2010.

In third place with 52 votes (12.90%) was when she was in the courtroom in March 1998.

The other results were as follows:

Her showdown with Ken in February 1983 - 33 votes (8.19%)

Her two-hander with Tracy in March 2007 - 31 votes (7.69%)

Confronting Ken over his affair with Wendy Crozier in December 1989 - 30 votes (7.44%)

Marrying Ken for the second time in April 2005 - 26 votes (6.45%)

Marrying Ken for the first time in July 1981 - 18 votes (4.47%)

Searching for Tracy after the lorry crash in March 1979 - 12 votes (2.98%)

Her rendezvous with Dev in December 2001 - 11 votes (2.73%)

Her first appearance in November 1972 - 8 votes (1.99%)

Marrying Samir Rachid in November 1994 - 8 votes (1.99%)

Marrying Ray Langton in July 1975 - 7 votes (1.74%)

In the AA meeting in July 2009 - 6 votes (1.49%)

Her spell in prison in March and April 1998 - 2 votes (0.50%)

The following all received 1 vote (0.25%) - her death in July 2015; camping with Ken in August 2014; telling everyone Ken has gout in November 2011; no favourite moment; making peanut bowls; her singing and making stuffed marrow; her role in the Ken/Mike rivalry between 1983 and 2006; falling into Wally Bannister's pool with Tracy in June 2003; confronting Ken about his affair with Martha in May 2009; and her storyline with Jon Lindsay between May 1997 and April 1998. 

Happy with the results?

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C in Canada said...

That was a fabulous scene by a fabulous actress.
In Canada, we are just watching the funeral (it started last night) so we're still in the throes of grief :(

Anonymous said...

Does any other actor on the show have such an amazing body of "moments", with such a range of emotions? It demonstrates part of Deirdre's unique character, the mix of humour and drama in a single moment. It helps explain the huge response to this loss.

Anonymous said...

I voted for the AA meeting. That was the best one by far. :) Miss you Diedre. R.I.P. dear girl.

- Pod

Anonymous said...

Although it was not meant to be that way, the jelly scene was the perfect swan-song for Deirdre.

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