Thursday, 23 July 2015

Sarah Harding turns up on Coronation Street tonight

Sarah Harding, the ex-Girls Aloud singer, arrives on Coronation Street tonight. Sarah plays the role of Robert Preston's wife Joni.

Joni knows that Robert has never really got over Tracy and that he's still holding a torch for her.  Joni  is therefore feeling very vulnerable when she finds out where Robert has disappeared to.  Joni is aware that Tracy is not living up to Robert's ex wife’s memory.

Then she meets her and she is less than impressed. She knows she is in someone else’s shadow, she is living a lie and trying to believe that he will fall in love with her. But once he meets up with Tracy again it is evident that isn’t going to happen.

Our blogger Emma met and interviewed Sarah Harding and spoke to her about joining Coronation Street.  You can read the interview here.

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Belle Fleur said...

Looks like Sarah is doing the same method acting as Sean and Michelle - standing there with your arms folded!

Tvor said...

Well, all the over the top publicity over her joining the show is very like that over when Kym Marsh joined, both pop stars, and it was similar when Michelle Collins joined as Stella, where she had fame from EE. It's getting a bit tiresome. Lots of other well known actresses have joined the show and they don't get splashed all over the media nearly so much.

Anonymous said...

Having now seen her - oh dear!

Anonymous said...

Hardy should stick to singing, she's a terrible pouty mouth "actress" Hope she doesn't stay for long.

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