Sunday, 19 July 2015

Take the test: How well do you know Ken Barlow?

How well do you know Ken Barlow? 

With thanks to an old soaps quiz book that Sunny Jim found in a charity shop last week, here we go with a set of questions all about King Ken of Coronation Street.

There's no prizes for winning, so don't ring in. It's just for fun. Mind you, it is rather tricky.

1. What was the name of Ken Barlow's brother and who did he marry?
2. Who was newspaper man Ken's mole on the local council?
3. Why did Ken's parents disapprove of his girlfriend Marion Lund?
4. What subjects did Ken get a second-class BA honours degree in?
5. How did Ken Barlow's mother Ida die?
6. What was Ken's first job after University?
7. In which newspaper did Ken's controversial article 'Life in a Northern Backstreet' appear?
8. What did Ken sell to pay for his wedding to Valerie?
9. Where did Ken and Valerie spend their honeymoon?
10. Why did Ken report butcher William Piggott to the police?
11. What was the demo against that landed Ken Barlow in jail?
12. Which exotic location was Ken going to teach in before his wife Valerie died?
13. Why did Ken's housekeeper Margaret Lacey resign?
14. Who was Ken Barlow matched with when he joined a computer dating agency?
15. How did Ken's estranged wife Janet die?

You'll find the answers here.

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Tvor said...

1. David, married Irma Ogden
2. Wendy Flamin' Crozier
3. Older than him?
4. English probably
5. Hit by a bus
6. teaching
7. WeatherfieldGazette
8. His car
9. Italy?
10. ....
11. anti-war
12. Bermuda
13. ...
14. Mavis Reilly
15. suicide/pills

Anonymous said...

10. for trying to bribe Ken to give his son a pass on his exam

13. because of her harsh treatment of the twins, I think

Llifon said...

1. David and he married Irma Ogden.
2. Wendy Crozier
3. She was around 20 years his senior.
4. English and History
5. Hit by a bus
6. Teacher
7. Gazette
8. Car
9. Malta
10. Selling old meat
11. Vietnam
12. Jamaica
13. Wasn't paid enough
14. Mavis
15. Suicide with overdose

David the Wavid said...

1. David married Irma Ogden
2. Wendy Crozier
3. She was too old
4. English and History
5. Hit by a bus in Gray Street
6. Personnel officer at Amalgamated Steel
7. Survival
8. His scooter
9. London
10. Piggott tried to bribe him to give his son a pass in an exam
11. Vietnam
12. Jamaica
13. Lucille Hewitt recognised Margaret from the orphanage she used to live at, where she tormented the other children. Margaret confessed to Ken and resigned as she felt he'd lost faith in her ability to look after the twins
14. "Mavis Armitage", who turned out to be Mavis Riley
15. Barbiturate poisoning

Barrie.T said...

I got 5 out of 15 but in my defence i only started watching in 1980 and most of these questions are from 1960-1970. He has had a life since 1970 so why no questions since then?

Glenda Young said...

Barrie - the clue to your question is in the first line of the blog post - it's a very old soaps quiz book we found! :-)

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