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Saturday 18 July 2015

'Life-changing' Coronation Street live episode to air

Coronation Street's live episode in September this year is in celebration of ITV's 60th birthday.

We already know that it'll be an hour-long episode, that two characters will be leaving together during that live episode and that at least one actress won't be taking part.

Another actress - Samia Ghadie - writes in her column for OK magazine that she won't be taking part in the live episode either. Samia, who plays Maria Connor, will be away on maternity leave at the time of the live episode.

Samia talks about the live episode in her column. She reveals that filming starts next week for the block of episodes surrounding the live episode.

She says: "The cast have been given all the scripts, apart from the actual hour long episode of the live as that is under lock and key, so even we don't know exactly what's happening!

"All we do know is that there will be life changing events for some of our most loved characters – I can't tell you which ones though!"

Now then, I know that soap-speak has to be dramatic, that's the nature of soap. It's hyper-real and super-dramatic.  So the words "life-changing events for some of our most loved characters" might just mean something as mundane as another baby for Kylie and the resulting paternity battle - is it Callum or David's, for example. (I'm guessing here by the way).  Or it could be Eileen decides to leave Streetcars after Fat Brenda's eaten all the Gypsy Creams. It really could be as everyday as that.

Except it won't be, will it? It's to celebrate ITV's 60th birthday so I'm expecting, and worrying that it might be something huge.

What if it's Rita leaving ... or worse? What if it's Tracy taking over the Rovers after her stint at being good manages to convince Steve she's worth another chance and he moves her in behind the bar and boots out Liz? What if it's Becky returning? What if? What if?

What do you think - or hope - it might be, Corrie fans?

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Tvor said...

I would have said the truth comes out about Tracy starting the fire, leaving to Carla's exit but I think she's not out until next year. However, the truth might still come out. Maybe the life changing bit is Tracy really and truly having a long dark night facing the truth about herself. Maybe it will finally be the end of the custody hearing and David and Kylie will have a happy ending. Or maybe, that speculation i've been wondering about, with Callum's death will be a catalyst for the rest of the year.

I'm looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...

Since the Platt\Callum storyline seems to be dragging on,my theory for the 'life changing'episode is that instead of getting pregnant Sarah contracts either a STD or HIV from Callum,murders him in a rage and frames either David or Kylie for it thus leading to dragged out court scenes and the truth coming out once the verdict comes out.

tryfanofduncton said...

Unfortunately I think Andrea is going to feature quite heavily but at least it leads to her exit & sadly Lloyd leaves with her!!
I'm thinking the 'life changing' stuff will be concerning Fiz getting the diagnosis about Hope having child cancer which Blackburn leaked a while ago!!
Shame Maria won't be in it but Good luck to the lovely Samia, Sylvain & little Freya...super little family!!

Anonymous said...

Alas, whatever it is, no doubt the episode will be Platt-heavy. My dream scenario would be No.8 developing a sudden, catastrophic gas leak that takes out the whole lot of them, including Callum, while Kylie is out with the kids visiting Audrey. This would satisfy TPTB's need for high drama, while leaving the only bearable members of the family alive and well.

Anonymous said...

Callum is killed off and Lloyd leaves.

Anonymous said...

Number 8 exрlodes with everyone (exceрt Audrey) in it! Whooрee!!!

Anonymous said...

I think Norris and Mary will leave together.

Anonymous said...

Hm. Perhaps it will come out that Callum is not actually Max's biological father - and who it turns out to be devastates everyone involved.


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