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Sunday 19 July 2015

Corrie Weekly Awards, July 13 - 17

Deirdre's legacy: Loved that Ken used one of her homemade mugs for his cuppa.

Exclusivity award: Someone should tell Liz she's allowed to have had more than one best friend at a time. Eileen's going to feel perennially the second best in both meanings of the phrase!

Reincarnation award: Yep, I do think Amy is her great-grandmother's daughter.

Meow award: Bev was pretty catty about Audrey possibly hitting on Ken eventually, but there's history between Bev and Audrey over Fred, remember.

Blast from the past award: Emily wins. In the course of talking about Ken's women, from exotic dancers (Rita) to librarians, she certainly had Rita shuffling uncomfortably in her seat. Lots of history brought up and a near miss between Bev and Audrey. Lovely.

Don't Fancy your chances award: Even two against one, the thugs didn't reckon they could take Robert.

Overboard award: Tracy never does anything by halves and well she knows it.

Cash Money award: Cathy has had the bailffs at the door for non-payment of her bills, where did she get the money for the train replica for Roy because I don't believe for a minute it was in one of her piles of junk.

Sozzled award: You don't see Emily tiddly too often.

Lines of the week:
Amy on accessorizing "I don't want to go the full Lady Gaga, just some nice glitz"
Ken to Tracy "If selfishness was an Olympic sport, you’d be stood on a podium every four years waving your gold medal at the crowd."
Audrey "If Deirdre was going to haunt Ken I think she'd think of something a little more menacing than a stuffed marrow" (Oh, I don't know. It generally had that effect, didn't it?)
Norris "I know the music I want playing at my funeral" Eileen "Awww what is it? Send in the Clowns?"
Norris about Deirdre and Ken "They were on and off more times than the light in Beth Tinker's fridge"
Rita "It was touch and go with Mike Baldwin for a time. I'm not sure he ever really got over her" (I've been saying that for years)
Carla "I never said I liked losing. Who does?"
Tracy to Carla "I'm on your side. I know it wasn't your fault" (of course you do)
Liz "Get out of my pub and get out of my life. I never want to see you again!" (now THAT'S a landlady the likes of which we haven't seen since Bet Lynch!)
Izzy "When Carla slaps a backside, it stays slapped"
Carla to Roy "Was that a joke, Roy Cropper?" Roy "Very nearly"
Carla to Roy "Is there a statue of you in a church somewhere because if there isn't there should be"
Ken "You don't need to go overboard" Tracy "Me? Overboard?" Steve about Eccles (lamp posts) "It's like Twitter for dogs"
Liz "It's a Shiraz. Bold, strong, big-hearted and takes no prisoners. It were Deirdre's favourite."
Liz "To our friend. Deirdre!"

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Anonymous said...

Cathy mentioned that she had seen that train replica and bought it for cheap years earlier. Odd that it would be the exact twin to the one Haley had given him before she died hmmm?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Eileen feels 'second best' in her relationship with Michael who's on the rebound from Gail as well? Judging from the way he kept looking at the door,I think he was hoping Gail would be jealous seeing them in the bistro together only to be shut up when she informed Eileen of Deirdre's death.
I also thought if Michael had to attend the funeral with Eileen why couldn't he have worn a suit instead of a casual shirt and his windbreaker? Frankly I wondered why he was even there as he didn't know Deirdre or Ken.

Anonymous said...

Gallantry award: Lloyd wasted no time stepping up to defend Liz - before even her own son!

Impending Doom Award: Simon. Only a matter of time before he does a David and shoves Leanne down the stairs.

Tvor said...

I"ve attended funerals when I didn't know the deceased but might have known someone else in the family so it doesn't seem odd that MIchael was there to support Eileen.

I think Tyrone told Cathy about the train, I don't think she had it in her house. She'd never have found it! I think she went out and bought it.

Anonymous said...

Michael was a wonderful presence at Deirdre's wake, since it allowed the neighbours to reminisce and tell stories to someone who never knew her.

Anonymous said...

where's dear old grum—Äy frosty these days?


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