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Wednesday 22 July 2015

Coronation Street episode review, Weds 22nd July

"I've lost my job and my daughter"
"You're her dad. She'll forgive you. Do you really want her to have to visit you in prison?
Tonight's episode starts off right where Monday left off. I love it when this happens. It usually means that the ensuing episode is going to be very exciting. And in this instance, it certainly was.

Dan is holding Leanne prisoner in her own flat, having barricaded the door with furniture. A tearful Dan sits in in the barricading chair, having lost his job and his daughter is refusing to speak to him after the revelations about his violent past with Leanne came to light. At the mention of his daughter,  he surrenders and sets Leanne free and she shakily unlocks the door and scarpers out of her own flat. Moments later, Dan is arrested.

Just as one of Liz's train wrecks is driven out of her life, another walks back in. "Hello Liz" is all Tony had to say to receive the coldest of shoulders. Liz tries to make it perfectly clear that she never wants to see him again, Nonetheless, he is persistent and walks into the Rovers begging to talk to her. In the back room, Tony feels the wrath of Liz. God help him! He cries, lies and tries to worm his way out of it. Shouldn't he know by now that Liz takes no prisoners? Her rage turns physical and she gives him one mighty punch right across the face. Steve hears the shouting and immediately comes in to comfort his crying mother, sending Tony away.

"It was you I wanted"
"You wanted you and that bitch behind my bar and you and that bitch in my bed!"

We all know that Dan's biggest threat was unfortunately carried through the other night. He told Simon that Leanne used to be a prostitute, This has stunned Simon and outraged him. Now, I really hope what Corrie is trying to do here is to get a message across. I'm not sure they are but I hope it makes people think about prostitution, I feel real empathy for Leanne. I can't praise Jane Danson enough for these last few weeks as one of my favourite (former) tarts with a heart.

My personal opinion is that Leanne hasn't done anything wrong. She was a prostitute at a low point in her life and she made a lot of money doing so. What is wrong with that? Dispelling social morals, I don't see why someone should be punished for being a prostitute. Leanne wasn't hurting anyone. How Leanne used to make a living shouldn't be important. She is past that now. Unfortunately, Simon doesn't yet see it like that, despite Leanne's attempts to explain, telling him about her upbringing. Once again, he turns violent and hits her in the already injured wrist. Chesney later calls the flat to ask if everything is okay. She pretends it is but then slides onto the floor in tears,

"Si, I'm your mum-"
"You're not my mum, you're a dirty prostitute!"

Right now, Corrie is airing a storyline which could result in the catfight to end all catfights. Gail still loves Michael, Eileen fancies Michael and Michael is torn between the two. This isn't going to end well!

We saw the other day that Gail smashed her own tap with a hammer and lured Michael back in to fix it. Kylie, in fabulous pair of leggings, is packing for a holiday and has grown suspicious of Gail. Even more so when she catches Gail at the cab office looking for Michael. Of course, both times, Gail lies through her teeth, Badly.

"The trouble is in this country, you've got to pack a bikini, a woolly jumper and a waterproof!"
"He used to love my Shepherd's Pie. 'Creamiest mash this side of the Pennines' he used to say"
Back at Number 11, Eileen makes her feelings towards Michael clear by planting a kiss right on him. She herself even looks a little shocked. I can't wait to see how this storyline develops- or explodes! I know who's earrings I'll be holding!

Overall, a fantastic episode. I found it  dramatic, thought-provoking and lightheartedly silly thanks to the ever ridiculous Gail Potter-Tilsey-Hillman-Platt-McIntyre-Rodwell-WhatEvenIsSheNow's desperate attempts to win Michael back.

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Anonymous said...

I find it hypocritical that the men and women on this Street look down on anyone for being a prostitute. These people have the chastity of alley cats, to me Leanne is one up because she got paid well for doing it. With the exception a rare few characters, each of the residents has deep moral flaws (in their past as well as present) yet former drug addicts, adulterers, murders, make snide remarks about Leanne having been a prostitute. Are they jealous?

Anonymous said...

Speak Anonymous 00:42. Great comment!

Belle Felrur said...

What was Michelle doing dispensing marital advice and telling Eileen to go after Michael? He is MARRIED to Gail, imagine the screech if one of the neighbours advised another to go after Steve?????

Anonymous said...

I hate how the characters in Corrie take their marriage vows so lightly. Eileen should bog off and find her own bloke.

And Simon - get a grip boy! What a nasty little thing he's turned in to and it's not helped by the overacting on the actor's part.

Tvor said...

I can't help feeling for Simon after all he's been through and so many people lost from his life. A 12 year old isn't going to understand why Leanne did what she did to survive. Women turn to prostitution out of desperation, addiction or control of a man or all three. Leanne was quite lucky as she was a "call" girl rather than strolling the streets. I felt sorry for her last night and JD was excellent.

Bev Callard was amazing as well.

Anonymous said...

Can somebody please explain why Simon is so upset about Leanne being a prostitute? I really don't understand it at all.

Im finding it hard how a 12 year old would know what it is, but more importantly how/why would he know its a bad thing?

Honestly the storyline is stupid if you ask me.

I must be missing something...


Anonymous said...

Once again violence against men is tolerated but if Dan had clocked Leanne in the face, all hell would break loose. Why do women on this show get a free pass to slap, punch or throw things at a bloke because she feels she's been done dirty? Liz punches Tony in the face..that's just fine is it?

Humpty Dumpty said...

I agree with Anon at 11.31. Although children grow up a lot faster than they used to, their environment still affects how they respond to things. Simon didn't grow up amongst prostitutes with regular visitors to the house as far as we know. He's always been presented as very young for his age and not a kid to curiously surf the net or discuss sexual activities with school mates. The information about his mum wouldn't immediately impact on him. He's far too young to have any moral judgement on the issue even if he understands the technicalities.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I believe that Simon is feeling rejected which makes him angry at the world for taking away his loved ones. Leanne is the closest person to him and also the most vulnerable, which makes her a convenient target for his anger. That doesn't mean Simon doesn't love her, but is used to depending on her to make things right, which - increasingly - she cannot. I think it's part of growing up to recognize (and possibly get upset about) the fact that the adults you relied on all your life are not as all-powerful or perfect as you thought they were.

Also, in response to comments saying that Simon would not know what a prostitute is at age 12. Age 6, perhaps, but entering puberty, with access to TV and video games, going to school everyday, no way this kid hasn't heard the term and knows he can use it to hurt Leanne, trying to make up for his own hurt. Ken should be doing more to help.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous 16:20 that, at age 12, Simon would know what a prostitute is. With television and the internet, it would be the rare 12-year-old who wouldn't have some knowledge of the term and what it means.

As for Ken doing more to help, at this point I don't think anyone else knows yet what Dan told Simon, except for the 4 people in the room at the time.

vintgal003 said...

Excellent recap Jordan....poor heart certainly goes out to her...... I HOPE the writers provide her some much needed enjoyment/laughter in the coming storylines... Both Jane and Bev...stellar actresses!! Love those sub-titles of yours (they really add an additional layer of enjoyment to your write-ups)!!

Anonymous said...

Even if Ken doesn't know what Dan told Simon, the events leading up to this should be enough to signal that Simon needs help. His dad whisks in for the funeral, whisks out again to take a job at sea, following the loss of two people close to Simon within, what, a week? I admit it's all ridiculous but, within the compressed time frame of events in soap, Ken could at least be clueful to the fact that Simon feels abandoned by his dad, the same way Peter felt abandoned by his, and so on and so on.

Anonymous said...

How often do we have to say this? Put a mental health office in the medical centre! Simon needs to be seeing a child psychologist. He's a poster child for the need for qualified emotional support. This is a typical soap opera dilemma: dramatic license versus reality. If Simon was seeing a shrink, as he so obviously should be, there would be no opportunity for all these dramatic outburst scenes, but at some point it all becomes unbelievable and ridiculous, which is where we are now!

Is Peter paying Leanne any kind of spousal or child support? He's abdicated his parental emotional responsibility: surely not financial as well?

Pootle5 said...

I really disliked the episode, it was like EastEnders. The Tony and Liz confrontation should have been in another episode, it all became too shouty, too moody and too violent for one episode.

Unknown said...

I also LOVED Liz's reaction to Tony. Bev Callard won Best Actress in my books tonight. However, Jane Danson came a very close second. Liz telling Tony what she thought of him was a great scene and the way she thumped him - ouuuccchhh

Anonymous said...

I laughed when Zeedan couldn't push the door open because Dan and the heavy chair were in front of it. Then, when Leann makes her escape, she flips the chair over with barely a flick of one hand. :-)
Remember to make the prop chair look like it has a bit of weight. lol

Anonymous said...

Bring back nice Si! He is turning into a spoilt, violent moody brat. Leanne should give him back to his father or dump him on his grandad's doorstep.

Anonymous said...

Sophie got over Maddie's death pretty darn quick! She's seen in the street commenting on window cleaners naff jokes, later in the Rovers cooing over mother's engagement ring. It would be more realistic if she was in her jim jams sobbing and grieving at home with an appointment to see a bereavement councellor.
The Corrie bunch don't waste time feeling sorry for themselves that's for sure. They get over trauma and tragedy pretty darn quick.


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