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Monday 20 July 2015

Coronation Street Double Episode Review 20 July 2015

And finally, the words that Leanne has been dreading, ‘You look like a smart boy, do you know what a prostitute is?’ Simon now knows, thanks to Dan, about her past.

Dastardly Desperate Dan has just got even more dastardly. Leanne has to work late. DDD is watching and waiting for her. Unbeknown to him, though, Liz is at Leanne’s flat looking after Simon, when Dan accosts Leanne in the street telling her that she has ruined his life. As she arrives at her flat he jams his foot in the door and forces his way in. He has hold of her wrist and she is clearly in pain. Leanne shouts to Liz to phone the police but Dan is too quick and grabs hold of Liz’s bag, throwing it through the air. He demands everyone’s phones and stamps on them. The situation quickly becomes violent and committing one of the meanest and most spiteful acts of his life, he wreaks revenge on Leanne, for telling Liz that he became violent towards her when he was working as a prostitute and tells Simon his mum was a prostitute.

Liz does her best in trying to convince Dan to let them go. Her tactics include flattery,  ‘I just see the good in you. A good man with a good heart.’ Belittlement, as Liz asks him what he’s getting from ‘terrorising 2 women and a child.’ And insults, ‘How could you stop so low?’ Eventually, Liz and Simon make a run for it, leaving Dan with Leanne. Liz phones the police. Simon is very worried and Zeedan showing perhaps more kindness than wisdom goes in.  

And here comes Tony. Yes, he’s back and is either brave or stupid in returning to face the music - music which will be very loud. Jason has been very upset by his father’s dealings, just when he and Tony had got on an even footing. To Jason his dad is everything his mum, Eileen, has said he is and more. Jason tells Tony that he is better off without him in his life.  Tony is further knocked back when he enters The Rovers. On seeing him Steve says, ‘I’m going to kick your head in.’  Tony leaves, after a verbal pasting from Eileen too.

In Tony’s head he must feel that that there is a chance for him with Liz, but maybe he needs to revisit exactly what it is he has done to her, and how with Liz’s one time daughter in law, who she loathes, he had an affair, resulting in humiliation for Liz. Cheating is bad enough, but with Tracy! Tony then, if he wishes to have any chance at all of a reconciliation with Liz, has a mountain to climb.

Beth sees Robert in the corner shop and tells him she is a friend of Tracy, launching into the Spice Girls ‘If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends.’ Beth is sporting a glamorous plait hairpiece. ‘Takes 30 seconds to wazz it in and you’re transformed into a goddess.’ Beth also tells us that if she sold both retinas she could enjoy a beach side retreat in Bali.’

Beth tells Tracy that Robert is still in love with her. Tracy is clearly interested in what Beth claims. Robert apologises to Ken for his inappropriate behaviour after Deirdre’s funeral. What’s more, spotting the recipe for stuffed marrow on the table he offers to make it for Ken and Tracy – a very nice gesture.  Ken confesses that Deirdre’s attempts at stuffed marrow were not a patch on Robert’s efforts.

It was interesting that though Robert himself never actually said it, both Ken and Deirdre assumed he was single, Tracy of course claiming that she is too hard an act to follow.

I’m a little confused about the relationship/friendship between Eileen and Michael. They are just friends, aren’t they? Eileen is meeting Michael for a drink, but Gail lures him back to his old home to fix a tap. Just prior to his arrival Gail had been singing, ‘I am Woman, including the lyrics,  ‘I am strong, I am invincible.
She then attempts to prolong his stay by offering him a cup of tea. Clearly she is doing her best to get him back. Eileen is waiting for Michael in the Rovers. Gail persuades Michael to join the family for Audrey’s birthday and he leaves finally with some Battenberg cake.  Gail and Michael are married, so maybe they should at least try to fix it. Michael and Eileen though, do get on well. Interestingly, in the pub, Dusty Springfield’s, ‘I Only Want to be with You and Cupid, by Sam Cooke were playing. Who might those songs be aimed at?

Roy’s driving test takes place today – can he pass?  Camomile tea and barley sugars from Cathy and good luck from others, Tyrone takes Roy to his driving test.  Tim made a brilliant contribution saying he had passed his test first time and drove home in the Austin Princess. To celebrate Tim’s dad had given him a cigar. Tim set fire to the leatherette seats and despite his mum’s efforts making crimplene covers, it was never the same.

Roy passes his test. Hooray! Now it’s perhaps time for some heating in Woody, because as Roy says, it can be restrictive with a rug on your knees.

Vince, planning to retire, offers Kevin his garage. Kevin seems interested, so maybe he’ll do it.  From what Vince said about his wife and her vision, he’ll need to keep an ‘eye’ on her as they do the Route 66 or The Mother Road according to author, John Steinbeck. Does Vince assume Kevin is gay? It seems so, especially as in the pub, Tim ticks Kevin off as he refused to come for a drink with Tim when he asked him.

Just a couple of glimpses of the wonderful Steph in these episodes and of her brother Luke. Such a shame they are not given a really good storyline. Maybe there’s one in the pipeline. Very much hope so.
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Tvor said...

I laughed out loud at Vince assuming Kevin was gay because of, first, Tim and second the big moustache he sported in the old days. "A dead giveaway"!!! Michael LeVell used to be a bit of a gay icon back in the day with that tache, too, although he told our group in a visit a few years ago, that was all the media just making it up, He was on the cover of a magazine aimed at gay men once but otherwise, he thinks the media created that urban legend and the idea seems to have stuck over the years

Anonymous said...

Only in soap can an unarmed man demand and receive phones before smashing them while no one tries to run or call for help using another method. There were three against one - they could have rushed him, even at the expense of Leanne's wrist!

Anonymous said...

I thought Liz's appeal to Dan in the circumstances had some authenticity, not just platitudes, when she compared him to Jim. It's not like Liz doesn't know what it's like to love someone with a violent temper or tendencies to abuse.

Catman said...

The whole 'Dan' story evolved rather quickly I thought. Perhaps this is a new format with Corrie and too large of a cast.

abbyk said...

Is it just me or has Zeedan become likeable? He was a good big 'brother' to Simon today.

Me thinks Simon might be in need of a bit of therapy. Dead mom, gran and great gran, abandoned by his dad, almost dies in a fire, is kidnapped, held hostage, and now finds that his mom has a past. Time to step in, Ken. Make sure he gets the help you know he needs.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:50, it reminded me of Karl holding Stella hostage in the Rovers by brandishing a disposable lighter. I notice that Dan also has a "finger of doom" just like Callum. :-)

AmandaB said...

What's with Fiz and the incredibly false looking painted eyebrows!?!? Carla yes, Michelle yes, but on Fiz it just looked wrong.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Simon would have frozen with fear but Liz could have thrown something either at Dan or better still the window. Why didn't they all scream for help? Shame this story has climaxed so quickly. Dan would have been a good villain, being the nice guy to Liz and threatening to Leanne.

Laura said...

Wasn't anyone else horrified when Liz took Simon and instead of just pushing him out the door and then helping Leanne...she goes with him like a coward! I really thought she was making sure Simon was out. She had a chance there to help Leanne and end it right there.

Anonymous said...

Good point Laura

Colin Samsung said...

Well we all know that Tony is going to save Leanne and therefore get back in Liz's good books and bed. Why was Roy suddenly "off" with Cathy yesterday although I have to say she is becoming rather annoying the way she just pitches up the whole time.

Cobblestone said...

Does anyone recall that this is not Liz' first time being held hostage. Back in the day, she, Jim and Andy (very ill at the time with 'flu) were held hostage in No.11. The drama came to an abrupt and when Liz brained one of the thugs with her stilleto heel, thus allowing Jim to rush the other. Where was THAT Liz last night? Of course, she is twenty years older now and a grandmother ...

I agree with abbyk that Zeedan has become likable. In fact, something odd has happened since Kal's death. I've found myself really liking the warmer Zeedan, the toned down Yasmine and the more thoughful Sharif, despite early doubts. At the same time, the one Nazir who seemed to have most promise, Alya, frankly bores me to tears. It just shows, characters need time to bed down. Anyone who watched the episode featuring Roy's first appearance (that was linked in this blog a few days ago) will have noticed that the early Roy not only had a broader Mancunian accent but also considerably more social confidence than the version we've come to know and love.

Anonymous said...

Ruth, love your attention to detail, esp Tim's Austin Princess and Beth's hairpiece. Being overly concerned with detail myself, I wondered where Robert finally got the cayenne powder after coming up short at Dev's? If that was Deirdre's recipe where did she get the ingredients? Is there still a Fresco?

Ruth owen said...

Thank you Aninymous! Often, I think, the best lines come in the casual conversations, so I like to share and remind people.


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