Sunday, 19 July 2015

What are the current icons of Coronation Street?

A little while ago, I wrote a blog post asking who are the current Coronation Street icons?

I'm now wondering what the current Corrie icons are. For instance, in the past we've had Hilda's curlers, Ena Sharples' hair net, Bet Lynch's ear-rings, Deirdre's big glasses, Hayley's red anorak, that sort of thing.

An icon would be immediately recognisable as Coronation Street and a definite trademark of only one character. 

But what would the current icons of Corrie be today?

I would say Roy's shopping bag and Liz McDonald's black zig-zag necklace.

Are there any other current Corrie icons that you can think of?

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Tyler Smith said...

I would've said Ken's kimono but he threw that out. 'Gail's husband' is more of a tradition than an icon but is still widely recognisable. Maxine's bench is an obvious one, as nearly all the characters have a scene on that. The armchair at Streetcars is another underrated icons which needs more recognition. Also, what more can I say than SALLY'S CONSERVATORY!

Humpty Dumpty said...

The icons you talk about are personal props and, like individual catchphrases, these seem to be going out of fashion. Apart from your good self, 'Flaming Nora' can only be Jack Duckworth's muttered curse.

As you say, Roy's carrier bag and key - which was the only one that immediately came to mind. I believe the actor based that on a relative's fear of losing their key;

Can we include Deirdre's belts as they're still around somewhere? Couldn't we have a scene where Tracy has to decide whether to chuck the belts or keep them as a memento?

Carla's large glass of red;

I'm beginning to run out of examples. Props and catchphrases are a throw-back to the old days of characterisation on tv and radio. It's a sorry state that many of the Corrie characters are so alike. Is there much difference in the scripts and storylines of, say, Maria and Steph?

Anonymous said...

Roy's bag, Carla's wine, Norris'spectacles, Sally's conservatory and NOT forgetting Liz's zig-zag necklace.

Chris said...

Gary's skinny jeans have became noticeable probably because he fills them so well. Haha.

Beth also has some wacky bobbles in her hair. Anna and her apron.

And you could add Eccles with the Barlows.

Anonymous said...

I would definitely agree with the Streetcars chair.

Tvor said...

Kylie's big hoop earrings, maybe. Rita's big red wig!

Anonymous said...

Does the Barlow's settee count? Didn't Ken and Deirdre snog there? Tracy and Rob? Most recently Tracy and Robert?

Anonymous said...

anna's sour exрression? bethany's eye-rolling?

Anonymous said...

Nick's suit is always appearing.

Anonymous said...

There was a time when we might have included Fiz's wacky handbags (remember the watering can?) but she seems to have lost her quirkiness.

Anonymous said...

Julie's dresses - but she's gone now unfortunately

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