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Sunday 26 July 2015

Max finds something nasty in Callum's flat

What's on TV reveals that the custody battle for Max takes a strange turn when Max finds something he shouldn't in Callum's flat.

The magazine doesn't say what it is that Max finds only that it comes in a brown padded envelope. Oh, I do hope it's not someone's Finger of Doom.

Anyway, this rambling preamble is an introduction to a nice little interview in this week's TV Times which I have in front of me. TV Times is one of the two magazines I buy every week, the other one being Inside Soap.

The interview is with Sean Ward, who plays comedy Callum.  Sean comes over as a really top bloke and there's a couple of snippets worth sharing.

He says that when he next gets some time off work he's going to go to an eco-retreat at a Buddhist centre in Ecuador.  He plans to spend time meditating and reflecting on how amazing his past year has been.

His worst nightmare would be getting caught falling out of a cab drunk. He says: "Coronation Street will always be bigger than me and I want to represent the show in a good light when I'm out."

Sean was brought up by his mum as a single parent. He says: "My dad is my best mate but when I was growing up my grandad was my role model.  He was a fireman and helped lead the Fire Brigades Union.  I used to go on picket lines with him and would be on his shoulders, holding a placard."

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Jack Duckworth said...

Let's hope its the script that has Callum's leaving story, this nonsense has gone on for long enough.

Pootle5 said...


Pootle5 said...


Anonymous said...

Max finds mind-altering drugs that make him violent. In a fit of sudden rage he murders Callum along with Bethany and Sarah, who happen to be visiting. Instead of being sent to prison or young offenders, he is given a medal for services to television.

Scott Willison said...

Is it Camp Callum's collection of gentleman themed art pamphlets?

Tvor said...

Whatever it is will take the story to the next level and will ultimately, most likely, be Callum's downfall i should think.

You always know, logically, that the person behind the character, especially the nasty ones, is probably going to be very nice and Sean does sound like a top bloke!

Anonymous said...

Sean does seem like a very nice fellow. Unfortunately I can't stand his character. If he leaves the show, which I'm sure is inevitable I wish him all the best in his career.

Humpty Dumpty said...

There's going to be a connection in this storyline with baby Bethany taking drugs that David had left lying around (can't remember the details). That will add to Callum's downfall.

Anonymous said...

Humpty Dumpty,I remember that storyline,David hid drugs in Bethany's doll for the Morton bloke and she accidently overdosed.Now it seems they're recycling the same storyline for the same family?!Ridiculous!
Sarah better not defend Callum this time!

Anonymous said...

max has a suрer drug-enhanced рunch uр and kills evil simon!

Anonymous said...

Max finds something nasty in Callum's flat: Callum

Anonymous said...

Max finds bethney in callum's flat - she's рretty nasty!

C in Canada said...

LOL, what good replies!
I know what he finds, and I hope it spells the end of Creepy Callum, as I agree that this story is well past it's 'best by' date.


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