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Wednesday 10 June 2015

#Kylie - Coronation Street episode review, Weds 10th June

It would be bizarre to start with anything other than the news that Kylie finally  returned to David tonight. This disproves my theory of late that Wednesday episodes are normally a 'bridge' episode between the dramatic Monday and Friday episodes to tie up details and prepare us for things to come.
"Do you know how many coppers I have given your description to? How many pubs I've searched?
How many messages I've posted? Hashtag Kylie!"

Kylie stood nervously with the delightfully trampy Gemma, who kindly lent her some lippy to give her that final push. David is naturally full of questions and Kylie tries hard to convince him that she has now been clean for three months. After a heartwarming reconciliation with Max and Lilly, Callum arrives to collect Max. Kylie is horrified about this and doesn't understand what is happening. It is only then that she realises what she has done - or has not done - by not being there.  Still, Kylie is confident that her reformed presence will change things. It is fantastic to have Kylie back on the Street; ensuing drama is without doubt on the cards.

"Things are different now. I'm back. I'm clean. It changes everything"
Elsewhere on the cobbles, we learn that Michael is still in the hospital, Liz and Erica meet some seemingly nice men and Julie mistakenly believes that Dev is going to propose to her. In fact, Dev has met someone else in India. It looks like this is the storyline which will pave the way for Julie's exit.

A subtle but potentially crucial moment occurred tonight regarding the mystery of Jenny. Sophie is organising Maddie's funeral when she announces that Ben is to attend, yet she has had difficulty locating Maddie's mother. Kevin said: "Must be hard burying one of your kids." A look of utter guilt, worry or even just sheer unpleasantness washes over Jenny. This could be something or nothing, but the look certainly did provoke a thought.

And on a lighter note, Erica persuades Liz to go to 'Nattercise'.

"Work those abs, work that jaw"
Altogether, a surprisingly 'big' episode, with the long awaited return of Kylie Platt with some other storylines moved along slightly, but nicely.

Thank you for reading my first blog.



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vintgal003 said...

*Welcome Jordan*....congrats. on your 1st blog...well done! I really enjoy those sub titles below the pictures....great! Hopefully Kylie will straighten things out, with all 'her boys'......

Tvor said...

Welcome Jordan, great first post!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Jordan! Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

I'm glad Kylie is back, but David really seems to be ignoring the fact that he threw her out and refused to let her near the kids. Also, in this day and age, with so much information available, David seems to be singularly uninformed on the nature of addiction.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely...David tossed her out - with nowhere for her to go and then wonders why she bogged off? Idiot boy rides again.

Pippa Dee said...

Kevin said "Must be hard burying one of your kids"

Excuse me, wasn't baby Jake yours Kevin? Short memory or what!!!

Sam Scarecrow said...

We are all Kylie is back but unsure why she was so shocked and surprised to see Callum when it was she that brought him back into Max's life in the first place. Just hope when she moved back into the Platt Househouse she marks Sarah and Bethany the two freeloaders cards firmly.

I just found those two blokes trying to hit on Erica and Liz in the Bistro a couple of creeps.

Glenda Young said...

Great first post Jordan, welcome to the team!

Pippa Dee said...

Agree Sam Scarecrow, and also surely that skanky girl (can't remember her name) who was with Kylie, would know all about what's been going on with Callum/David/Max.

There's some really bad writing & continuity going on here.

I can remember years ago, they used to have continuity people whose sole job it was, was to make sure everything was seamless and historically correct. Do they not have them any more?

Llifon said...

Welcome to the team Jordan! A nice subtle review!


Tvor said...

I agree Pippa, Kevin did lose a son, Jake. I picked up on that, too.

Definitely Gemma would have known of the conflict between David and Callum but Gemma is also very self serving and self PREserving and is scared of Callum so she would very likely have said nothing about it all to Kylie in case Callum got angry with her.

Anonymous said...

Tvor, I should think Callum should be wary of Gemma, she's a much tougher character than he is!

Tvor said...

Yes i think so too, (for the last commenter). I reckon and I predict if Callum does end up dead, David or Kylie will be the one arrested and it will end up being Gemma that did it.

Anonymous said...

Excellent blog Jordan! Look forward to reading more in the future.

Anonymous said...

Yes David did throw Kylie out after catching her with drug dealer Callum in their house on Christmas Day but he did not her refuse to see the children, allowing Max to call his mother and he did regret his actions looking for Kylie.It was Kylie who didn't keep in touch with her children or her husband who did wonder if she was coming back.
The storyline better not be twisted so that Kylie is the 'victim' again as she was when she slept with Nick and David the villain as he was doing his best under the circumstances.


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