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Monday, 4 November 2013

Coronation Street double episode review, Monday 4 November

Preparations are frenetic at the Grimshaw household in readiness for Todd's arrival - Todd that is, the holder of 9 impressive GCSEs, including 3 As and 2 A*s. We learn Jason only got 2, 1 being Woodwork. BUT, GCSEs do not make the man - they are just a proof of a certain type of intelligence, not the be all and end all.

When Eileen calls into the cafe, her worst enemy Gail is there, explaining how she can have as much fine food as she wants at the bistro, much to Mary's annoyance, as she asks which sauce from huge bottles Gail would like, in brusque tones. A bit of a ping-pong match gains momentum as Gail and Eileen discuss their children, Todd and Sarah-Louise, who viewers will remember were once lovers. Well, that Eileen and Gail 'discuss' their children is a euphemism for sniping, but it really does make for some excellent lines and acting.

Eileen announces Todd's arrival with a good dose of smugness. Sally states that she's surprised that London doesn't grind to a halt without Todd when Eileen speaks of Todd's great job and how his law firm struggles without him. Gail then informs Eileen that Sarah-Lou has bought a brand new car in dove-grey. Gail informs Eileen that she writes to Sara-Lou every 2 weeks. Gail breaks open the Basildon Bond and she's away. When Eileen sarcastically says she bets Sarah-Lou looks forward to a letter from her mother, Gail boasts that she has an amusing turn of phrase. Straight to the jugular goes Eileen and asks if Gail's written about the latest saga involving David, Kylie and Nick, to which Gail pulls the 'glass houses' proverb out of her repertoire. A draw this time, I think.

And so to Alex, the desperate seeker of  Todd. As he practically bangs the Grimshaw door down, he gains entry and tells his tale of woe, and if it's true, Todd has really done the dirty on him. 'I'm Alex, so much for being the love of his life - such a liar.' Alex's tale certainly has the ring of truth and what reason would he have to come after Todd in such a rage if it wasn't true? There's more - it appears that Todd got the sack because he's lazy, selfish and a first class liar. Sean's interaction with Alex is amusing as Sean states that Manchester has a lot more to offer than matchstick men and witty barmen. Dead right Sean!

When Todd is at home talking to Jason and his mum, what he says carries little authenticity and though she may not have seen him for a while, most mothers can usually tell when their offspring are not telling the truth, and so it is with Eileen and Todd. 'Well, he's definitely not himself.'

In order to calm Alex down, Eileen writes a cheque for £500 and apologises to Alex. She tells Alex - a 'demented stalker' according to Todd, that she didn't bring Todd up to behave this way.

I usually like Eileen, and admired much of what she did tonight, but was rather annoyed with her  as Eva, apparently still Jason's girlfriend, is dismissed as a blow-up doll. Not worthy of you Eileen, and watch out, this so-called blow-up doll may be your daughter in law one day.

Gloria for once proved useful tonight in sorting out the staffing in the Bistro by phoning Kylie. Obviously and understandably, Leanne is reluctant to work with Kylie, but when Gloria points out that Kylie could take on the shifts that she, Leanne doesn't want, she warms to the idea. With the raucous party of women in tonight, Kylie's efficiency was much needed. Does anyone think that Kylie's earrings will soon be down to her shoulders?

The sooner Grace is found out for her shenanigans the better. No doubting her cleverness and her power over Faye, but surely it cannot continue for long. She has a credible maturity too and understanding of human behaviour as she tells Faye not to stand for Sally taking Tim's attention and telling her that she, Faye, is the most important person in her father's life. I don't often feel sorry for Sally but tonight  did as the girls phoned Tim, to say Sally had left them on their own and that they thought  there was a burglar.

What a heartbreaking sight Roy was tonight. He attacked the old wallpaper as if it was the devil itself and was chanting a kind of mantra of, 'It must be right, it must be right.' He knows that 'these four walls will be her world.' What kindness Anna and Mary show. As Mary says, Roy is 'private to a fault.' Mary tries to encourage Roy not to decorate but to visit Hayley. But Roy is hell bent on the decorating and will not be distracted.

When in doubt, Mary turns to literature to bolster her up on her mission to clear up upstairs for Roy.  Shakespeare's 'Once more unto the breach' and  Tennyson's 'Into the Valley of Death Rode the 600,' are evoked by her to give her the courage she needs. Roy is regretful at having told Anna about Hayley's wishes for her death and is deeply distressed by it. And it's not going to get any easier.

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Anonymous said...

I am a viewer in Canada and am so not looking forward to the horrible friend of Faye. Faye is bad enough but now another bad seed! What is wrong with leaving 2 12 year olds alone for a few minutes? When I was 12 I babysat 4 younger siblings.

Ping Pong Poon said...

Sally didnt just leave them for a minute though, she stood gassing to Sophie about sweaters, she shouldnt have invited them round and then just left them while she went off for a chat with someone that lives with her anyway. They were in a strange environment. sally was silly and selfish

Joseph said...

Todd: another character with a personality transplant. Because we all know they last so long in soaps. Why look at Ryan!
...oh, wait, he wasn't popular with the viewers, was he? In fact, he only lasted a year.

The whole Grace/Faye storyline is just stupid, contrived, and convoluted. Sally raised two daughters, she'd know better than to leave two 12-year-olds in the house for that long.

Why on earth did Mary and Anna think poking around in Roy's flat was a good idea? I'd be similarly pissed if someone did that to me.

The.HR.Doctor said...

Faye's already on to Grace's evil ways; you can see it in Faye's facial expressions when Grace isn't looking. There's a bomb coming.


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