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Tuesday 21 August 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update, August 20 2012

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And so without any further ado, here we go with this week's Coronation Street update.

Summer is slow in soapload.  Stories wind down, lose their grip as they ready themselves  for the autumn and winter ratings winners.  And so it goes in Corrie, so please excuse the short update this week.

Suddenly finding themselves desperate to have their own child, now, Izzy and Gary pop along to a presentation to find out about adoption. It’s something they can think about but it’s not without its hurdles, for both of them, with Izzy’s condition and Gary’s criminal record to think on.  And that’s when Katy offers to be a surrogate mum to Izzy’s baby.  So the three of them – Katy, Izzy and Gary - go to see Doctor Carter who tells them from the off it’s a process that’s intensive, intrusive, not always successful but always expensive. 

He tells them IVF treatment runs around £7k. I’m going to spell that out. Seven thousand pounds. I’ll say it again. Seven thousand pounds. I’m repeating myself because I’m hoping that someone at Corrie will remember Doctor Carter’s words. I fear they won’t, however, because this surrogacy storyline dominates this week’s action. There’s tears, there’s hope, there’s fighting and lies. But there isn’t and never will be seven thousand pounds, so why this stupid storyline has been allowed to run so far – and threatens to run longer – I don’t understand.

Over at Underworld, Karl gets a job as a driver before Eva gets him the sack. She can’t work with the bloke who hurt St Ella so much but when Rob finds out Eva’s the one behind Karl getting sacked, his ardour is cooled. He even resorts to flirting with Our Lady of the Pumps herself when he pops in for a pint and finds St Ella serving instead of Eva.

Last week we left Mary in her motorhome, ready to hit the road and move on after her crush on Roy was found out by Hayley. This week, she decides to stay and it’s all down to a lovely heart to heart in the motorhome between Hayley and Mary. Norris is well pleased that Mary’s sticking around, but has he told her that? Has he ‘eck as like.

Tracy’s out of hospital and back at the Barlow house, spitting venom on Michelle when she spies her with Steve on her arm.   When Michelle finds Ryan chatting to Tracy on the cobbles, she collars young Connor and tells him to stay well clear of toxic Tracy, but Ryan’s drawn like a moth to Tracy’s flame, just to wind his mother up. Tracy spots an easy way to get revenge on Michelle for what she considers is stealing Steve form her, and encourages Ryan to call her whenever he wants.  Oh, he’ll want all right.

Meanwhile, Fireman Paul is working nights and can’t get to sleep during the day because of the noise coming through the wall from No. 13.  It’s Kev’s noisy DIY , he’s making a right racket which is keeping Paul awake. Eileen suggests ear plugs for Paul but he won’t, just won’t, let her put them in his ears, he’s funny that way and this was a really good scene.

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This week's writers were Ellen Taylor, John Kerr, Mark Burt and Julie Jones.

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Anonymous said...

Mark my words, next we'll hear Katy suggesting a threesome with Gary and Izzy to avoid the cost of IVF. Then Katy will have a miscarriage but she and Gary will fall in love and raise Joseph together. This storyline could get worse, see?

Frosty the Snowman said...

Didnt Gary say - dont worry we will get the money? Perhaps the loan sharks raise their ugly heads again. Gary who is a good character is being turned into an obsessive buffoon with this dire storyline and Katie pretty as she is is a very weak actor.

Anonymous said...

There have been a lot of moans on here in the past about Paul the fireman, who I didn't really mind that much. However, that has all changed over the last couple of episode. What an obnoxious twonk he is! Now, I'm never at my best if I don't get enough sleep, but Kevin is perfectly within his rights to do a bit of DIY during the day if he wants. It's not his fault Paul's on nights. And anyway, Paul, as far as we know, still has a big house somewhere (unless of course they are STILL working on it following the burst pipe). Let him sleep there! Or better still, let him move back there and never be seen on the street again, the miserable beggar. -NN

ChiaGwen said...

LOL! Anonymous NN....Totally agree about the obnoxious twonk (love that word!) Paul. Does he think sleeping in the living room is going to be any quieter than upstairs and yeah, why doesn't he go back to his house and sleep there......better yet Eileen get a new toaster....maybe Paul will be so tired from lack of sleep it might slip into the sink while he's doing the dishes (one can only hope).


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