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Monday 27 August 2012

Coronation Street double episode review, Mon 27 Aug

Tina and Tommy are doing their best to protect their friend Tyrone. With Kirsty back on the scene they are right to be anxious because as Tina points out, Kirsty 'is not just two butties short of a picnic, she's a whole flippin' hamper' which is an interesting analogy for Kirsty's violent outbursts. Tina makes the point that if Tyrone hits her back he's an animal. And so to the perfectly innocent, though obviously painful, scalding - an accident but soon to be misconstrued.

Things aren't going too well for Sunita and Karl. First of all we are given a sighting of Karl's underpants, which, reasonably enough, Sunita would be happier to see placed in the laundry basket. It's just that when a woman starts to moan about her lover's underpants, you tend to suspect that the passion is starting to wane. She asks him about his plans and he tells her that he likes things to unfold rather than have plans, because he thinks it's more exciting that way.She asks if he's going to do nothing because after all he deserves a rest'. Huge dose of sarcasm here and Karl suspects he hears a note of sarcasm. To carry on the musical analogy Sunita tells him it's more like a symphony than a note. Luckily though, along comes Karl's mate, Tez.and his Chinese smoke alarms. If he thinks he's going to make a killing at car boot sales, he clearly hasn't been to many; people haggle for items to be knocked down from ten pence to five pence, so a fiver for a smoke alarm? No chance Karl.

Natalie Gumede is a terrific actress, showing just the right amount of vulnerability blended in with her maniacal jealousy. Just when we start to lose all sympathy with her, even in her heavily pregnant state, she shows just a glimmer of softness. That said, was anyone else a little nervous as Kirsty was ironing?
So,according to Lloyd, Michelle is Manchester United or City, and Steve is Tranmere Rovers, but she loves him anyway and so he can loosen his waistband. It's a good job Michelle has Steve to hand as she is going to need someone. That son of hers was shockingly rude to Roy tonight but Roy pointed out that 'a proper coffee machine' such as Ryan requested would be appropriate if there was a piazza or a duomo outside.    

And finally a word on Jason. A good line for him tonight that Mama Mia on a loop was worse than water boarding. Then Marcus chips in by telling Maria that Aiden thinks Rambo is art-house cinema. Good to see The Street breaking through the stereotypes.  Jason and Maria? Just not convinced...       


Anonymous said...

The scenes between Tyrone and Kirsty last night were great! Nathalie is indeed a terrific actress, and Alan Halsall is going from strength to strength. Bless him, his eyes full of tears! Despite the violence and the manipulation, I do feel for Kirsty. She is obviously very disturbed and she does love Tyrone. She needs help but can't bring herself to admit her shortcomings to others. Nathalie G. really brings this out well.
Enjoyed the Steve scenes last night particularly the Steve and Lloyd scenes. It's good to have them back together. Nice to see Aud and Lewis back too.-NN

ChiaGwen said...

Wasn't expecting to see Audrey and Lewis - what a great surprise and didn't he have a full head of hair on him! What a fab actor Alan has turned out to be with a meatier role. Great scenes last night with Kirsty who I want to slap one minute then forgive the next....superb acting and oh the ironing scene when she lifted it up and all the steam was coming out, Tyrone's eyes on it....chills up and down my spine!

Biscuit Barrel said...

Nathalie Gumede is a bloody terrific actress (and lovely to her fans on Twitter I might add), Alan Halsall is just superb and this storyline is brilliantly done. Corrie at its very best.


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