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Saturday 18 August 2012

Coronation Street double episode review, Friday August 17

While we don't look to soap operas for total realism, the unlikely and uncomfortable storyline that 17 year old teen mum Katy now intends to be a surrogate mother for disabled elder sister Izzy, just seems to have been parachuted by scriptwriters in for sensationalism.

To be honest, it's hard to blame Owen for feeling angry about it all. And the young actress who plays Katy, sweet as she is, simply isn't up to the high dramatic scenes  she's been handed currently, making it all even more unconvincing.

In other news, Eva sabotaged the order Carl was about to deliver, leading to Rob (still  not sure about this character, the actor's a wee a bit wooden) sacking Karl. 
Deidre brought Tracy home from hospital after her swift recovery from what she herself called her `"deathbed". Back to the old toxic Tracy we know and love, she promptly flew into a rage in the street  at Michelle over her relationship with Steve.
Favourite part of these episodes however involved the reaction of Norris, who was secretly heartbroken over his friend Mary's intended departure from Coronation Street .  
As Tina noted when she came into the Kabin, he wasn't even up to his usual berating her for buying trashy gossip magazine. 
The little secret  hidden smile on his face when Mary dropped into the shop and announced she wasn't leaving after all was a lovely moment. 


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your post. I couldn't agree more! I have not been impressed by the surrogacy storyline, nor the acting by Katy and Chesney.

I believe the actors playing Gary, Izzy and Owen deserve better material. Gary and Izzy were dealt far better storylines in 2010 and 2011 when Gary suffered from post traumatic stress and consequently held Izzy hostage.

I must admit that Owen has my full support here - I can't say I blame him for his reaction at the christening. He seems to be the only character in this family with any sense at the moment. Let's hope the Corrie writers quickly sweep this current storyline under the carpet before it gets anymore ludicrous.

Maggie said...

While I think Gary is a real honey, and I love him with Izzy, I do miss his broodiness and bad boy ways from previous years.

John McE said...

There was no real reason for Own to be so suspicious in the first place. Does he behave like this every time she visits her GP?

And, since every church scene in recent memory, be it a wedding, funeral or in this case Christening, ends up in a punch-up, it isn't even dramatically exciting.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Owen is of course the voice of reason but his behaviour in the Church at his grandson's christening was nothing short of disgraceful. The whole family remind me of the Clampitts and the story is just dreadful. Not sure what is worse this or Steve whose acting becomes more and more pantomime with every episode and the unlikey scenario of him and Michelle rehashing their long dead love affair. Why did Kirk and Hailey go back to work then they had been give the afternoon off?

Anonymous said...

Yes, although Owen's behaviour was inappropriate considering the place and occasion, I understand the reasons he reacted the way he did. At least he has some sense.

I don't know why Izzy and Gary are in such a rush to start a family. Their miscarriage was only a few weeks ago! What these characters then needed was time to recover and re-consider their future. I must say the miscarriage was handled much better than this current and unrequired story.

Anonymous said...

Agree with the comment about Steve...he's just one continuous gurn.
Katy going to have a kid for her sister. It's not like getting her a new puppy and it seems to me that these characters (esp Garry) are becoming more brain dead as the time goes on. There was no reason Garry and Izzy couldn't adopt except the lame excuse that Garry had a criminal did Steve and Becky too but they were told their chances were good. Writers doing the old flip-flop again.
I do love Roy and Haley...glad Mary is back as his chess partner and the look on Norris' face when Mary came back into the Kabin...Awwww

Anonymous said...

As Jackie Collins might write: You give Great Review. It's pithy, and strikes a balance between praise and criticism of the more ludicrous plots. After 34 years of loyal viewing, I gave up watching Coronation Street a few months ago, so your reviews keep me in touch with the show. It's a pity there has been nothing to tempt me back.

Anna in nz said...

Enjoying the surrogacy storyline but I am actually finding the actress who plays Izzy to be very wooden. I don't find the acting convincing from her this episode. I actually think Katy is stronger in the last episode. But that's just my opinion.


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