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Monday 13 August 2012

Coronation Street Weekly Update, August 13 2012

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And so without any further ado, here we go with this week's Coronation Street update.

Anyone else wondering whether Mary’s got a portaloo in her motorhome? No? Just me then? Hayley’s lured into the darkness of the interior of Mary’s life when she demands to know what designs Mary’s got on Roy. At first she denies all but then she comes clean and admits she’s been after Mr Cropper for quite some time. “But men I like, don’t like me. And men I don’t like, don’t like me.” And Roy, as we all know, only has eyes for Hayley.  The altercation Hayley and Mary comes after Mary lures Roy away to an Elgar concert in Malvern, and invites Roy to bunker down in the motorhome with her after the hotel gets their room booking mixed up. Roy, already fretting that he’s missing Hayley’s dancing competition, demands to return home, leaving Mary driving home disappointed with a crush on Mr Cropper the size of Salford itself. 

But after Hayley has a word with Mary, and Anna gives Mary the evil-eye in the caff for giving Roy the glad-eye, Mary has news and tells Norris she’s leaving. She’s moving on up, moving on out, it’s time to break free and nothing can stop her.  Norris is shaken and stirred and stammers: “But there’s people round here’s as’ll miss yer!” Mary raises an eyebrow and hopes to hear the answer she needs but all Norris will say in return to the eyebrow is: “Like… Roy… and Emily”.  Norris is quite clearly perturbed to think Mary might go and so rushes round to Roy and Hayley to tell them the news. Will they stop Mary from moving on in her motorhome? Tune in next week for more.

Over at Emily’s, she throws Tracy out after Tracy winds up Norris a step too far and then destroys a pair of Ernest’s old dancing shoes. With nowhere to go and no-one who cares, Tracy ends up in intensive care in th’ospital after she gets a kidney infection. She’s desperately ill and things don’t look too good.  “She could die!” Deirdre sobs to Ken. “Well, she could, but she won’t.” I sobbed back at the telly.  Oh if only she had done and then we’d all be free. But no, she survives and there’s lots of “Oh, Tracy-luv-ving” going on as she pulls through. With tubes up her nose and Steve at her bedside telling her that there’ll always be a bit of him that loves her because she gave him little Amy, Tracy tells anyone who’ll listen, and Steve who won’t, that her future lies with him and little Amy. She tells him that he’s her reason to live.   

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Steve’s only gone and got back with Michelle. She’s had new furniture delivered and he helps her position it in the flat, giving her a snog on the new sofa and then he helps her check her duvet’s  straight on her new bed. Afterwards, when they share a snog on the Street, little Amy spots them and Steve swears her to secrecy but she tells grandma Deirdre all, of course.  Later at the hospital when Steve is there trying to wheedle himself out of Tracy’s big plans with a feeble attempt: “I need more space,” in bursts Deirdre with: “You lying toe-rag!” breaking Tracy’s heart once again when she finds out Steve’s snogging Michelle. Oh but it was good - and oh but it was funny.

And finally this week Tyrone lets everyone know that Kirsty’s gone and left him, and reports her missing to the cops.  If and when she does return, so should Tyrone’s mum Jacqui Dobbs. If anyone can sort Kirsty out, Margi Clarke could.

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This week's writers were Chris Fewtrell, Peter Whalley, Damon Rochefort, Mark Wadlow and Susan Oudot.

Glenda Young
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Humpty Dumpty said...

Thanks for this update. I'm sticking by my plan not to watch the current storylines which will have too much Tracy. There are so many characters in the cast, it's like working in an open-plan office. Tracy bores me rigid and what would you do if you worked with someone who's even too boring to be evil? Give them a wide berth - and that's what I'm doing. Roll on the autumn.

Anonymous said...

Oh for godsake..does Norris not have working parts? He needs to get busy with Mary...I know the thought is gagworthy but the writers really have to stop the B.S. with these's becoming downright obtuse!!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Humpty Dumpty. No point wasting electricity on this tripe. Corrie, GET NEW WRITERS!

SW - Canada

Rachel said...

The Norris/Mary scene was beautifully done.


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