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Sunday 19 August 2012

Corrie weekly awards: August 13 - 17

Deja Vu award: Steve gives Tracy mixed signals over and over. Tracy chases Steve and has a go at his newest squeeze. Change the record.

Busted award! Amy saw Steve kissing Michelle.

Oblivious award: Roy just never had a clue about Mary's intentions all along. Steve believes Ryan's lies about not doing drugs even with a dealer lurking in the corners.

More than this award: It wasn't the criminal record that went against Gary, it was the type, assaulting an officer (and also assaulting David Platt if you will remember) and his PTSD as well.

Somebody Stop Me award: Mary delayed and delayed hoping Norris would stop her leaving but Hayley did. Some really lovely scenes between the two women!

Let the Games Begin Award: Tracy's home and gunning for Michelle.

That Kid Has Talent Award: Sophie told little Jack they had to go before he learned naughty words and the baby smiled!

It's not your fight award: Eva caused trouble for Karl and got him sacked because he betrayed her mother. I understand her angst but it's not her fight.

Nosey Parker award: It's only your business, Owen, if Izzy and Gary make it your business.

Lines of the week:
Steve to Tracy "Michelle is everything you are not. She's kind, funny, thoughtful and not a complete and utter psycho!" (and she's gorgeous and has a killer figure, and her face never looks like this face (on the right) even when she's angry or crying!)
Mary "Show me forbidden fruit and I'm like Eve at an eat as much as you like buffet"
Amy to Steve "You tell lies!"
Steve "I think 'seeing somebody else' is a bit strong"
Tracy "Not only are you a liar, but you're teaching your daughter to be one as well" (spot on)
Anna about Mary "She's like a piranha in a cardie"
Owen "What you see is what you get with me" Anna "Yeah. And folk see a loud mouthed bully" (spot on there, too)
Sunita to Karl "My life finally makes sense because of you" (Oh you poor deluded woman)

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Frosty the Snowman said...

What about your own bedroom award: What has happened to Paul’s big house, he should move back there if he wants to kip in the day. People need to do work to houses when they move in – doh! Can’t believe the cheek of the bloke asking Kev to turn it down because HE is on nights. Do one.

Wobble Head Award: Dreary’s head wobbles like it’s about to come off its shoulders with anything to do with Tracyluv. Tracy is deluded and stupid enough to think she has a future with Steve. Dreary needs to take off those rose tinted specs. Stevie Wonder could see it never gonna happen.

Does not learn award: You would think Eva would have learnt by her previous mistake with Nick in the Bistro which led to their break up before pulling another stupid stunt with Rob in the factory.

Never a nice day out. We can never have a wedding these days without some kind of row and someone shouting the odds in God’s house, now it seems this relates to Christenings too. The Clampetts bore me to death. Katie is sweet but does not have the acting skills to carry a strong storyline.

Short Memories Award: Has everyone forgotten how Mary tried to ruin Roy and Hales wedding and kept Norris prisoner in Bronte Country? Now everyone is trying to keep her in the Street when really we should have a break from her for a bit,

Pantomime Acting award: Steve McDonald just gets worse and worse. Even Kym Marsh looks like Kate Winslet beside him.

Anonymous said...

ALL super good awards this week! Well done, both of you! :-)

~JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

I'd like to award the viewers of Corrie who have remained faithful to this program even though the writers have had little or no imagination what-so-ever in the past few years. They just keep re-hashing old plots or coming up with ludicrous ideas that have made me roll my eyes so much I'm afraid they'll get stuck in the top of my head. Why in hell do we have to be subject to Tracy Barlow and Steve..AGAIN..and again and again! Sad state of the street.

Nathan Johnson said...

Frosty, nobody knew Mary was the one that tried to sabotage Roy and Hayley's wedding with disconnecting their train carriage. But you are right about the kidnapping of Norris, but that was forgotten after a week so it must be a real long distant memory now.

Anonymous said...

My former sister-in-law used to work nights, and she would get a little, er, wonky with sleep deprivation. Apparently trying to sleep during the day when everyone else is going about their business is really hard! They lived near a school, and she actually called the police on the 11-year-old crossing guards because she felt that they were too loud. And yes, she readily admitted that she had lost all perspective at that point! SHe eventually took a job with no shift-work.
So the Paul busisness doesn't seem too outrageous to me!
Rebecca in TO


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