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Saturday 25 August 2012

Corrie's Angels

Despite all the rumour-mongering and general disatisfaction with some Weatherfield storylines (and those responsible for acting them out) there are reasons to be cheerful on't cobbles. No - really there are! Credit where credit is due. For every painful Tracy McDonald (that name STILL looks wrong when I type it) scene, for every nail driven into the ever-diminishing character that was Sunita, for every prolonged scene featuring Katie/Izzy (let's call them 'Kizzy') droning on about having a 'bay-beh' there is still Corrie Gold to be found.

Step forward Kirsty Soames, you slice of evil in a maternity frock. Admittedly, I don't much like the character and the storyline, in general, makes for uncomfortable viewing.

In lesser hands, the whole thing would be nonsense but Natalie Gumede is an absolute gem. She injects just the right amount of venom and vulnerability into her scenes, helping prevent her from becoming either a one-dimensional spitbag (Cilla) or a deary doormat (Claire). There's a general sense of foreboding about the Kirsty storyline but here's hoping she gets her moment in the sun.

Another jewel in the Corrie crown is the lovely Anna Windass. Her 'journey' (cue lumbering Coldplay soundtrack and slow-mo 'X Factor' style camerawork) has taken her from greasy-haired, low-rent villain's wife to Street everywoman. She's the one who should be wheeling people into the Rovers back room for a cuppa, an Eccles cake and a shoulder to cry on.

Anna carries her burden well - volatile son, sly daughter and a volcano of a boyfriend. Save for Hayley, she seems to be friendless but is always on hand with a ready smile and a fried slice. Debbie Rush, we salute you.

The third of my triumvirate of Corrie Angels is the joy known to us all as Eva Price. Now, I hold my hands up quite happily and admit that, initially, I really didn't like Eva. She seemed to be pointless. Well, like mother like daughter. The powers-that-be at Corrie obviously saw that there was a chance for Eva to shine.

From sulky bint to a rather glorious creation, our Eva tottered over the cobbles with her out-sized back nestling on the crook of her arm. She's a disaster, whether it be behind a sewing machine, attempting to breathe life into a relationship or catching a rat. However, in a Bet/Raquel way, she's back up and at 'em the next day with fresh lippy and that vital ingredient, hope. As with Kirsty, I get the distinct impression that happiness won't come a-knocking at Eva's door. Catherine Tyldesley behind her though, it won't be for want of trying.

So, as summer finally gives up the ghost, as the nights begin to creep in ever earlier and the barbecue is banished to the back of the shed, feast on some classic Corrie performances. Angels - you did well!

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Glenda Young said...

Brilliant post, David!

Ruth owen said...

I absolutely agree with you David. Those 3 actresses are gold. Thanks for your post.

Unknown said...

Great post!

Anonymous said...

I also agree. Anna is such a great character, Eva is fearless and feisty and Kirsty is being played exceptionally well. I enjoy watching all three . Kylie also remains strong-NN

Anonymous said...

I heartily agree that Anna should replace StElla as the go-to, she is such an interesting character with so much potential. I also agree that Eva has grown on me, another vote for evicting StElla. Sorry fans of StElla.

Anonymous said...

Great post, completely agree with this! These three are definitely good actresses, much better than the likes of Kate Ford.

Margot said...

David, thank you for such a well-written and enjoyable post. I couldn't agree with you more about these three characters!

I have been so impressed with Natalie's performance this year; I have a great deal of sympathy for Kirsty and I don't think any other actress could portray this storyline nearly as well as Natalie has.

Catherine and the Corrie writers have certainly made Eva a real little gem over the past few months and the character has really developed into something special. She now has more layers and provides a vital ingredient in many scenes, whether it be at the Rovers or Underworld, and her comic timing is spot on. I look forward to seeing Eva's storylines in the future.

Likewise, Anna is another terrific female character who we would all love to be our mother. It's just unfortunate that she has been caught up in the current surrogacy storyline, which is, may I say, one of the more disappointing storylines of the summer. I hope she's not sucked into in any further because it has almost consumed the once wonderful and more interesting character of Gary.

Dolly Tubb said...

Absolutely agree with everything written here. The Tyrone/Kirsty story has me squirming and hating every minute of it, but the fact that it is such compelling viewing is thanks to superb characterisation by Natalie Gumede. And I am liking Eva more and more - she's a tragi-comic Bet Lynch but with a slightly different outlook. And Anna is wonderful - I want her for my mum!

Humpty Dumpty said...

I must be the only one who wants to give Anna a good slap. Yes, she's an earth mother with a hug for everyone but she's wrong to think love solves everything. She should go in for some tough love for a change and tell them the surrogacy is a non-starter.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Agree Humpty, Anna's constant simpering and paying lip service to whatever Garar wants is rather annoying and yes Frosty would like to slap her sometime as well.

Eva who I also hated at the beginnng thinking her a pointless tart has really turned it around and has the makings of a great Corrie icon, heaving clevage an all!

Kirsty is a great actress and you are torn between sympathy for the doltish Tyrone and seeing how Kirsty finds him so exasperating!


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