Wednesday, 22 August 2012

BB Bet Blog: Day 8

Julie Goodyear dancing to ‘Big Spender’ in her pyjamas first thing in the morning is a sight I never thought I’d see – and I wouldn’t have had the pleasure of viewing it without Celebrity Big Brother!

Last night, we saw Julie discuss more about her husband, and the bizarre situation in which they got together. He was her stalker, and proposed to her every day for 11 years according to Julie(!). Lucky I’m not here to judge...much!

Our Bet then got a cream pie to the face as part of this week’s shopping task – something Coleen Nolan revelled in doing. Then Julie and Julian Clary took a ride in a swan pedalo in the pool; a duo fast becoming a hilarious comedy partnership.

The first eviction looms over the house tonight, and will see either Jasmine or Rhian get booted out. Tune in tonight from 9pm on Channel 5. Previously: Day 7.


Flaming Nora said...

The Big Spender moment was surreal and very, very funny. Julie is quite a woman, bizarre and awful and lovely in equal measures. Does anyone have a YouTube of the Big Spender moment we can Blog, please?

BB Fan said...

I seem to be the only blogger watching this! A bit of tension creepy in with Julie and Coleen Nolan methinks!

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