Monday, 20 August 2012

BB Bet Blog: Day 6

Anyone getting used to the sight of Bet Lynch without her slap on first thing in the morning? Me neither...!

We’re fast approaching the first eviction, but Julie Goodyear’s managed to avoid being the first to face the chop. Last night’s episode saw her discuss the strain that being a famous actor puts on your marriage, a chat she had with former-Eastender and Spandau Ballet supreme Martin Kemp.

Next up came ‘Big Brother Stars’ – a talent agency fronted by Julie herself alongside comic Julian Clary. This task saw them audition their fellow housemates and choose which of them they thought to be the most talented, which then went to a public vote. Julie opted for So Solid Crew rapper Harvey, who was pitted against Julian’s choice, Olympian Ashley McKenzie. Ashley was declared the winner, and so Julie’s team missed out on a reward party.

Tune in to Channel 5 tonight from 9pm for the latest action. Previously: Day 5

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