Friday, 24 August 2012

Ex-Corrie actor Sean Wilson returns to TV in cheesey new show

When actors leave Coronation Street they sometimes appear in other soaps. Some take to the theatre to tread the boards with their acting skills. Some join pantomime or reality TV.  But Sean Wilson, who played Martin Platt, left Corrie to make cheese. 

Not just any cheese, this is award-winning cheese

And now Sean has signed up for a new Channel 5 show in which he will become a TV cook trying to recreate old recipes without modern gadgets.

Sean will embark on a culinary mission in a new TV show called The Great Northern Cookbook. He will travel to a string of northern towns to explore their gastronomic heritage and attempt to make age-old dishes using only the locals’ original methods.

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Humpty Dumpty said...

I always admired Sean Wilson for refusing to keep his job by playing a paedophile. Unfortunately, his principles cost him his job. Good luck to him and his cheese enterprise and, actually, the TV programme sounds interesting!

Anonymous said...

Martin is such a terrible father. Only up the motorway and never visiting David. Have we ever even heard what sex his and Robins baby was after they moved away? - Mickykstrti 15

Nathan Johnson said...

Anonymous, Martin and Robyn had a girl called Caitlin born in 2006, so she would be about six now. Its weird how he is never mentioned, considering all the stuff David got up to, Gail going to prison, and David's marriage to Kylie. The last time he was mentioned was in 2009 when David went to visit him after a falling out with Gail and Joe.

Apart from that Sean Wilson seems to be doing alright and seems happy in interviews I have seen him in. I do hope Martin returns, and Sean has said before he would probably return one day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Nathan. I can't recall the baby being mentioned but thats cleared it up for me. I liked Martin too, he was kind of ordinary but always in the middle of meaty family storylines. If he did return in the future I think he'd be glad him and Gail are no longer together!- Micky

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