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Sunday 26 August 2012

Corrie weekly awards: August 20 - 24

Cheeky bugger award: Loved David hollering Paul awake!

Master Manipulator award: Owen is pouring poison in Chesney's ears so that Ches will push harder against the surrocacy thing. It nearly lost him both daughters and a girlfriend.

Making excuses award: Kevin's doing the DIY work while the childminder has Jack. Doesn't the childminder have him when Kevin's working at the garage anyway?

Pots and Kettles award: Tracy accusing Michelle of having a druggie son. Tracy who only has one kidney because of her own drug use.

How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways: Ryan. Nuff said.

Big Jessie award: Paul won't put a plug in his ears.
Inconsiderate award: Kevin always was a rude oik. He'd sure be hollering if the shoe was on the other foot.

Fashion Fun: Eileen's new look!

Adds to the attraction award: Gail knew Eileen would be narked if Paul spent afternoons sleeping at hers and didn't she enjoy winding Eileen up! Oh I did enjoy those scenes.

Musical ambience: Under Pressure playing in the garage and later "Everybody Hurts". Poor Ty is feeling it.

Rubbing her nose in it award: Sunita only suggested drinking in the Rovers to get a dig in at Stella.

Timing sucks award: Naturally the first minute you're close to another woman, your ex comes in the room.

Is that supposed to be a fashionable look because it looks awful on Eva! The flouncy curly look she had later in the pub was much nicer, if a bit over the top.

Lines of the week:
Anna to Owen "Shouting and Bawling is not going to get you anywhere" (but he never learns)
Beth "A big dollop? That's no way to talk about Brian!"
Owen "You're not talking loud enough, Chesney"
Michelle "Tracy's the flaming recipe. Recipe for disaster"
Tommy to Kirsty "So you're a bossy cow. There are worse things you could be" (there are worse things she IS)
Eileen about Gail "The world's smuggest woman just got smugger"
Tina "I live with someone who uses the bathroom floor as a wardrobe"

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Frosty Awards:

Two village idiot’s award: Chesney and Katie in this tiresome Clampetts surrogacy story – watch the facial expressions – they are both as gormless as they come. Katie is not even an adult yet. This has “disaster” written all over it, how can Simpering Anna not see that instead of constantly sucking up to her son and Izzy.

Keep it in the family award: Can’t believe Rob would be so crass as to chat up his albeit short term girlfriends’ MOTHER. Although by the look on St Ella’s face it seems this is not out of the question. Methinks he will be taken in the back quite soon!

Give it up Dev, those girls were young enough to be his daughter. He is no longer the Street lothario, just a sad lonely middle aged man. Trying to impress someone – oh take them to the Rovers!

No patience award; Kev is not going to be doing DIY forever, I am sure they made enough noise when Lesley – the wife who seems to have been forgotten – was living there and having her turns – Paul ought to put up, shut up or move back to his own house and if he has sold it go to a hotel on the fat proceeds. I really cannot abide this wet lipped scrounger.

Trouble ahead award: Kirsty is back and Tyrone is on line for many more pastings – this is a good if uncomfortable storyline.

abbyk said...

Two good sets of awards.

Frosty: can't agree with you more about the surrogacy story. Izzy came to the 'no more pregnancies' decision much too quickly as her doctor said it's safe with her EDS, Katy is an airheaded teenager who shouldn't be listened to until she finishes school, Anna & Owen are cartoonish, and as always, the only one making sense is Chesney. The best ending would be Katy getting cold feet and as the sad reality sinks in for I&G, guess who's stick turns blue?

Anonymous said...

Excellent awards AGAIN! There are times when I look forward more to the blog awards than the actual Corrie episodes!

~JB in Canada

Anonymous said...

'Musical ambience award #2': Coldplay's teary 'Yellow' being played on the radio at the Garage. Poor Ty (again) - it only reminded him of Kirsty as it was her favourite song.

'Character who needs a new direction award': Gary. The current surrogacy storyline is not doing the poor guy any favours. He is played by a very talented young actor who is worthy of better stories. Sure, he performed well during the recent miscarriage scenes but he was a more complex and interesting character when he was a bad boy and soldier.

I, too, agree with the comments regarding the surrogacy storyline. Izzy and Gary could have conceived again as it was deemed safe by the medical professionals. All they needed was time to recover from the miscarriage. Subsequent events, such as the adoption meeting and the two surrogacy meetings, have been rushed and badly handled and it seems as though everyone has forgotten the costs involved with surrogacy.


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