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Tuesday 21 August 2012

Corrie's Lewis Archer not being killed off

Nigel Havers must be relieved. First, some months ago it was rumoured in the tabloids that his Coronation Street character Lewis the charmer Archer was being killed off. And then just last week Corrie Producer Phil Collinson denied this would happen.

Now there's a story in today's Mirror with the news that Nigel Havers has signed a new contract to stay with the soap.

Although he'll not be getting killed off, Lewis will be leaving Corrie at the end of the year as Nigel takes up a panto role. But then he'll return to the cobbles in the new year and the Mirror says he'll have another elderly love interest in his sights. Norris?
A Corrie source tells the Mirror: “Reports of Lewis being killed off were grossly exaggerated. The bosses love the way Nigel portrays suave Lewis – and so do the viewers, so it’s great that he is going to be with us well into 2013. There will be some fantastic story-lines lined up for him as well to get everyone hooked on his romantic capers once more.”
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Frosty the Snowman said...

Not happy about this. Lewis should have been left at a one off storyline. He is far too la di da for it to believable he would live in a working class northerm street. Lets hope when Phil Collinson goes he gets some unknown northern actors in like it should be instead of this obsession with luvviedom.

Dolly Tubb said...

Hurrah! So glad he's staying. Victory for common sense; Nigel Havers is fantastic as Lewis and a great addition to the Street. I like the idea of NH being able to trot off and do panto but still come back to Corrie - and it sounds as though perhpas he is reverting to type? Hope TPTB don't spoil his character though, he is great with Audrey.

They ought to do that with more characters, it would certainly avoid all these tiresome over-exposure issues that frequently happen.

Anonymous said...

I love Lewis and Audrey together. Corrie needs some class and they're it IMO.

Tvor said...

I bet Stella's mother makes a play for him.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Yes, I'm sure it will be Gloria.

Agree with Dolly Tubb, it's quite realistic for people to come and go. Much more so than people leaving and returning for some contrived reason a few years later. Perhaps more quality actors would be attracted if they had some flexibility.

ChiaGwen said...

I love Lewis and so glad Nigel Havers is staying.....though I'm not liking the statement he will have another elderly love interest....he is SO good with Audrey!

Anonymous said...

Great news!

Nathan Johnson said...

Glad he is staying on. Like Nigel Havers and the character. Just hope though they don't turn him into a villain and try to con Audrey. I know Nigel appears in other things, but maybe the character doesn't need written out if he goes away, he can just remain off-screen and pop up now and again.

Anonymous said...

YAY! I luv Lewis! And he's pretty darn good with the comedy scenes. I really hope he doesn't do a dirty on Audrey though. They're great together.

~JB in Canada


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