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Monday 20 August 2012

Sneak preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Mon 20 Aug

Monday 20th August 2012 at 7.30pm

OWEN TURNS TO CHESNEY FOR SUPPORT. Anna calls a family meeting at No6 and Owen apologises for ruining the christening but maintains his stance that Katy is too young to be a surrogate and will be unable to give up the baby when it arrives. Gary, Izzy and Katy insist that they’ve considered everything and are going through with it. Owen clocks Chesney’s doubts and later urges him to voice his fears. Chesney feels he should support Katy’s decision, but how will he feel when Owen tells him all the details of the dangers Katy could be facing?
SUNITA AND EVA CLASH OVER KARL. Karl confesses to Sunita that he was fired and it was Eva’s fault. Sunita’s spitting tacks and she has a go at Eva in front of Rob. Eva denies that she was behind Karl’s cock up. Sunita  then seeks Karl’s assurance that their affair has been worth all the turmoil. Karl hides his ambivalence. Later in the factory Eva’s bragging to the girls about her spat, when Rob calls her into his office. The smile is soon wiped off her face when she hears what he has to say to her.
TRACY AND MICHELLE LOCK HORNS. Tracy bans Michelle from having any contact with Amy. Steve tells her in no uncertain terms that her little games won’t split him and Michelle up.
Elsewhere Tommy tries to help Tyrone get over Kirsty and tension begins to mount as Kevin’s DIY spree really starts to grate on Paul and Eileen.

Monday 20th August 2012 at 8.30pm
CHESNEY MAKES HIS FEELING CLEAR TO KATY. Katy refuses to be dictated to and warns Chesney not to make him choose between him and his sister. Later Gary catches Owen telling Chesney to stand his ground with Katy. Chesney insists Owen isn’t getting him to do his dirty work, his fears are his own. Later Chesney and Katy row with Anna trying to mediate. As Katy rails at him he begins to soften and when Gary and Izzy arrive Katy confirms, with his blessing, that she still wants to be their surrogate. Anna meanwhile turns on Owen for sneaking to Chesney behind her back
ROB’S EYE WANDERS FROM EVA. Eva waits for Rob after work to apologise. She tells him she’d even understand if he wants to rehire Karl. Rob lets her off the hook and tells her he’s learned his lesson. He won’t take on warring family members of staff again in a hurry. Eve’s glad of the truce, however uneasy she feels it is. During a night at the Rovers and irritated by Rob having a laugh with Steve and Michelle Eva makes her excuses for an early night. She’s delighted when Rob promises they’ll do something special tomorrow. Much later however Rob finds himself having a night cap alone with Stella and she pours her heart out over her split with Karl. He tells her he’s sure she won’t be on the shelf for long and there’s clearly more than a frisson between them. How will Stella react to this?
TYRONE THROWS HIMSELF INTO WORK. Tyrone’s working all hours and when Tommy tackles him about it he confesses he can’t face being in the house without Kirsty. Will he accept Tommy’s offer to come home with him and Tina?

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Anonymous said...

I sure hope this surrogacy storyline is resolved before too long. I really enjoyed watching the Windass and Armstrong families this year and last year but I can't say that I have been very impressed with this current story. It needs to be nipped in the bud. Some of these characters (and actors) are worthy of better quality material and the unwise decisions that Gary and Izzy have made lately are completely out of character.

P.S. Thank you for such an informative blog!

ChiaGwen said...

The whole non-Christening debacle was so inane. As if Owen couldn't wait until after the ceremony to pester Gary about why he was at the Medical Center....the man has a few screws loose. I think he showed his true colors when terrozing Eileen and he needs to be run over by a speeding fire-truck driven by Paul....the fire-truck careens into the Rovers making short work of Sunita, Kirsty, Sophie, Rob, Tracy and Dr. no need for an explosion storyline.


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