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Friday 24 August 2012

Sneak preview of tonight's double Coronation Street - Friday 24 August

Coronation Street, Friday 24th August 2012 at 7.30pm

TYRONE GETS UNWITTINGLY ROPED INTO DEV’S BIG DATE. Sunita persuades Karl to take her to the Rovers to show Stella they are solid and far from hiding away.  Dev however refuses to mind the twins as he’s got a hot date. Later Sunita looks on as Dev meets his date Sam. Dev recruits Tyrone, who’s having a drink with Tommy, to keep Sam’s mate Nikki occupied. Tyrone does as he’s told unaware an unexpected visitor is watching him from the doors of the Rovers.
KATY STARTS HER SURROGACY JOURNEY. Izzy, Gary, Katy and Chesney head to the clinic for their first surrogacy interview. They’re overwhelmed by how much is involved. Gary dreads the counselling, while Katy’s nervous of injections and Chesney’s worried about the costs. It’s clear this is something Gary has concerns about too.
Elsewhere Sally presents Kevin with a housewarming gift of three flying ducks and the pair reminisce about their early years at No13

Friday 24th August 2012 at 8.30pm

TYRONE WELCOMES KIRSTY BACK HOME. Tyrone chases after Kirsty who accuses him of chatting up other women the minute her back’s turned. Tyrone refutes this and demands an explanation for her disappearance.  She insists it was for his own good. She’s only back because of Tommy’s pestering. Tyrone’s shocked to learn of Tommy’s involvement as Kirsty decides to leave again. Standing his ground Tyrone begs her to stay. They can sort everything out! She’s tempted. Later when Tommy sees Tyrone and Kirsty back together he tells Tina he’s chuffed his meddling paid off. Tina can’t believe what he’s done. She tells him that Kirsty’s been violent to Tyrone. Tommy laughs until he clocks that Tina’s deadly serious. Tina pleads with him not to say a word. But can Tommy stand by and let his mate get hurt like this?
SUNITA CLASHES WITH STELLA. Sunita’s smug as Dev’s date with Sam falters. Later however she loses her smile when Stella tears a strip off her for eavesdropping on her ex. It’s not long before a full scale row erupts.
Elsewhere Chesney stays silent as Gary, Izzy and Katy tell Owen and Anna about the clinic appointment.

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Anonymous said...

Please let the pointless surrogacy story die quickly. Please. They can adopt Tyrone and Kirsty's baby and she can be struck by lightening after it's born.

Anonymous said...

It's not hard to see where they're going with the Tyrone and Kirsty storyline. Kirsty is going to do something horrible (hurting or even *killing* her own kid during one of her fits), and Tyrone is going to get the blame.

Deidre already thinks that Tyrone is abusing her, not to mention Eileen and Sean hearing arguing. Kirsty will probably go as far as hurting herself deliberately to make it look like Tyrone has been beating her.

I can see Tyrone sitting in a courtroom in a few months, with basically everyone on the street (save Tommy, Tina, Kevin and probably Sally) turned against him while Kirsty is looked at as the victim.

But, like all psychos on Coronation Street, Kirsty will eventually be killed off somehow... I suspect she'll be behind the rumored Rovers explosion coming this Christmas (with Tina tied and gagged in a chair or something, but rescued at the last minute).


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