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Monday 27 August 2012


I had a draft post saved a few days ago with a prediction that Tina was going to end up the surrogate for Izzy and Gary since she and Tommy owe Tyrone so much money. Lo and behold, today's headlines have proven me right! I've decided that this storyline should not end happily and here's why.

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Glenda Young said...

You really are ace at quessing storylines, Tvor!

Anonymous said...

I realize that soaps are meant to be beyond the norm of possibility and plausibility most of the time but really..this is absurd and I say that in the nicest way. Corrie has become a joke.

abbyk said...

There is a lot glaringly wrong with this story.

1. Izzy's decision to not have another pregnancy was made in the immediate aftermath of a miscarriage. Lots of women have them and they are devastating, but time passes and you move on. The night it happens is not the time to make any critical life decisions. Izzy was cautious enough to wait until the right time to tell Gary she was pregnant; she should have stayed in character and chewed on the idea a while longer.
2. They trust medical judgment when it comes to surrogacy, but not when it comes to her own EDS. Dr. Carter and the specialist both said it would be safe for her to be pregnant. Her condition presents challenges, but the EDS will not harm the baby and the pregnancy will not harm Izzy. Selective listening, kiddos.
3. Katy's offer is selflessly and generously given, but naive; she's a kid who can barely feed herself. If she were older and more settled, they would be right to accept, but as a disadvantaged minor/soon to be young adult, it's just wrong.

My new best scenario: Tina considers Owen's offer because she really does need the money (in addition to costs, he'd better add in lost wages 'cause she won't be on her feet pulling pints) but she bounces ideas off of Rita. Rita tells the Windass Armstrongs that they are insane, gracefully; better to wait a couple of years until Katy is more mature and Gary & Izzy can save their own money. The whole thing dies with dignity.

What would be so wrong with waiting a few years (other than the effort required in maintaining a story arc)? It isn't as if the miscarriage was a planned and hoped for pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I was thinking more about this and I think that Tommy should sell one of his body parts that he doesn't use...his brain.

Margot said...

Thank you Tvor - fair comments. You and the other bloggers here are such good writers :-)

I agree with everything you wrote and it couldn't have been any put better. I also didn't see Katy going ahead with the surrogacy simply because her character was pregnant a year ago and only gave birth 8 months ago. I have never heard of soap characters falling pregnant twice in less than two years.

I also agree that there are too many under-5s on the programme, as you have already written, and some of these children should never have been written into the show in the first place. However, I guess part of my heart would love to see Gary and Izzy happy with a family at some stage. Despite Izzy's disability and Gary's troubled past, both of which would pose interesting challenges to the couple if they were to raise a family, they are a solid couple who are genuinely happy together. They would probably do a better job raising children than some of the other couples on the street whose children are passed from pillar to post. How many children have we had over recent years who are raised by parents who lie, cheat, argue and drink and have to adjust to step-parents or mum and dad's new partner before they've even started school? But, as we all know, there is never a happy ending in soap land and it's often the better characters who can never really have what they want or deserve in life.

Anonymous said...

What is the writers obsession with Tina? When she arrived a few years ago she was sassy and fun but over the years, as they often do now, the writers have thrown so many dreary storylines at her that her spark has gone. She is now the most miserable barmaid the rovers has ever seen (bar poppy) and turns the scren sour whenever she appears. This storyline is silly and my only hope is that it will spell the end for the Tina character at the conclusion of it.- Micky

Tvor said...

Abby that's a good idea, with Rita poking her nose in and making everyone see reason.


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