Friday, 24 August 2012

Gloria Price tries to turn Rovers Return into a B&B

Ooh, we're hearing good things about the arrival of Sue Johnston as St Ella's mum, Gloria Price, on Coronation Street.  

TV journalist David Brown of the Radio Times tweeted this week after seeing a sneak preview of Gloria's first scenes on the cobbles: "Currently watching Sue Johnston's first episode on @itvcorrie Perfect casting and downright hilarious."

And now we've read in the Daily Star that as soon as she arrives, Gloria manages to upset everyone by wanting to turn the Rovers Return into a B&B.  

The Star says that Gloria is seen welcoming a new guest to the Rovers B&B. She tells him: “So it’s a double room for two nights? It’s short notice, we’re very popular these days. You’re in luck, we had a last-minute cancellation. The poor lad’s mother died, tragic accident on the Rotterdam ferry, she was trying to fit her mates into a group photo and I think you can guess the rest. So that’s £32.50 with a full English breakfast, great. Welcome to the Rovers Return and may you return many times.” 

Making her real intentions clear, Gloria explains: “Since I entered us into the B&B category for pub of the year. All you need is quilts, pillows and a frying pan. What else do you need?”

Sounds fun to us.

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Anonymous said...

Er, where exactly are guests going to sleep with all and sundry living under their roof as it is?

njblas said...

Exactly - it's too silly for words.
Another case where a character is introduced with an over the top storyline, instead of letting them find their feet. Nonetheless I am looking forward immensely to Sue joining the cast - she's great. Hopefully she will be very popular and we'll see lots of her - and less of Stella:)

Nathan Johnson said...

Didn't we have a similar storyline with Sylvia last year trying to take over the cafe and put forward her own ideas and annoying the customers.

I will give it a chance though.

Anonymous said...

I wonder which room they're going to lock Norris in?
The stories are re-hashed into ridiculousness. Imagination should be a factor when they hire soap writers. We have a long drawn out surrogacy storyline to look forwards to and more Tracy crap. And of course, let's not forget Stella is going to be front and centre throughout. Tyrone and Kirstie..on and on. What a waste of time this show has become. Gail is an idiot..she looks demented half the time. I think all those cleaning chemicals have caused permanent brain damage!!

Anonymous said...

Here's an idea...Anna becomes would Owen cope with having his daughter and girlfriend pregnant at the same time?

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