Thursday, 23 August 2012

BB Bet Blog: Day 9

Last night was eviction night in the Big Brother house, and saw superbitch Jasmine Lennard be the first housemate unceremoniously booted out the front door. For our Julie Goodyear, there seemed to be plenty of drama too, rivalling a Corrie plot at times! (OK, probably not...)

Tensions definitely seem to be brewing between our two house matriarchs – Julie and Coleen Nolan. Coleen seems adamant Julie has an issue with her, but isn’t being honest about it. Big Brother added their own sneaky twist on proceedings by bringing in a truth telling game, in which the housemates played a game that involved telling a home truth about another housemate. Coleen tried to slip this comment into the game, but Julie seemed unfazed by it.

Instead, our Jules was a bit more preoccupied worrying about the lack of butter for her crumpets. “I can’t enjoy a crumpet without butter, can you?!” she exclaimed.

Tune in tonight, 10pm on Channel 5 for the latest ep, and see if Julie has managed to avoid being up for nomination for the next eviction. Previously: Day 8.

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