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Sunday 12 August 2012

Corrie weekly awards: August 6 - 10

Dynamic Duo award: Lloyd is back and Steve's got him!

Pants on Fire award: Kirsty pretended she'd seen the Doctor and that it was just hormonal mood swings but Tyrone caught her in a lie. Then she let Deirdre think Tyrone hurt her.

Ryan's still scamming money and doing drugs in spite of him promising not to do it again and stealing from his mother to fund it. Lloyd is right, he's a toerag.

Not Crying Wolf award: Tracy really is ill, she's not just pretending.

Fuelling the fire award: By leaving Tyrone, Kirsty's only going to make people think he really was knocking her about.

Running off at the mouth award: Deirdre is gossiping about Kirsty all over the place. Gail got fired for that didn't she?

If looks could kill award: Anna's got the measure of Mary and put her in her place.

Manipulation award: Mary pretended the hotel messed up the booking. Lucky she had fresh linens on the beds in the motorhome. What a coincidence. I don't think.

See a solicitor award: Finally! Tracy asked when she's going to get her share of the house sale and Steve isn't going to give her any.

Welcome to the real world award: Rob is discovering that having a group of women working for him isn't so straightforward as he thought.

Deja Vu award: Looks like Tyrone may have lost another woman and another child.

Musical ambiance award: Tyrone in the pub with "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me" playing in the background.

Fashion disaster award: Mary.

Lines of the week:
Tracy to Norris "I'll be all right in a few hours without that slap-head... Hoover... Nazi!"
Deirdre "Maybe it's none of my business, but..." (You're right, it's none of your business)
Tracy "How can you sit there and lie to people?" Steve "I'm a businessman!"
Tracy "You know me. Anything to help somebody" (Um. Really?)
Dealer "I don't usually do house calls" (how do you normally sell it? On a market stall?)
Mary "You don't pay people to be your friends" (but you do exact a price, if you're Mary Taylor"
Tracy "You know me, anything to help somebody" (Seriously?)
Ryan to Steve "You, mature? Overripe, maybe"
Tracy "If you stick your oar in, I'm going to snap it off" Ken "It's you that looks like you need a paddle" (*snork*)
Ken about Tracy "She's not there for your convenience, you're there for hers"

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Frosty the Snowman said...

Getting the wrong end of the stick again award: On her own planet Tracy is going to think she and Steve are getting back together – er WHY? Although he really shouldn’t have hung around at the hospital, why does an 8 year old girl have to see her mother in a coma in intensive care anyway? What part of NEVER NEVER NEVER does Tracy not understand? This Steve and Tracy carousel is oh so exhausted now writers as well as the “wired up with tubes at death’s door” scenes at Weathy General. Yawn yawn yawn.

Polo Neck Award: Whilst the likes of Michelle and Eva can get away with low cut tops and look fetching, Dierdre simply cannot, she is nearly 60 and her sun damaged wrinkled décolleté looks absolutely awful and off putting. Her best friend needs to tell her.

Neanderthal award: Whilst a lot of people think Tyrone is cute, I don’t, how dare he treat young Chesney like that, as well as others just because things aren’t going smoothly in his life . Shows his true character – a bully.

Bedside Manner Award: What on earth was Dreary dong discussing a patient in the Rovers and then with the barmaid? Hello it’s CONFIDENTIAL and the last receptionist was sacked for betraying trust. And what receptionist accompanies a doctor on home visits. Get rid of her and get Beth in there, that could at least give us some humour.

Boredom Award: The Windass/Armstrong clan bore me to death. All this baby business when the pair of them are unmarried and hardly employed is more irresponsible writing in Frosty’s opinion. Do something more with
Gary instead of being the constantly frowning Izzy’s lap dog.

Anonymous said...

Valid comments Frosty.

Re. Boredom Award: Does Gary even have a proper job? I don't see how he and Izzy could ever afford to raise a child at the moment. I have no idea how Katy and Chesney survive either, especially when Katy doesn't work and Chesney barely earns anything. It looks as though most of what he earns is spent on keeping Katy well groomed.

Anonymous said...

Haha Frosty! It would be great to see Beth in the doctors reception, Kylie would be funny too.

Fantastic awards!


Rachel said...

I rather liked Mary's ensemble. I predicted the fascinator, but thought she'd go with feathers.

Anonymous said...

Handyman wanabee..Tyrone putting the baby crib together in his living the hell would have gotten it upstairs?...didn't matter anyway, as it happened, he kicked it apart and tossed it out his back door.
The mouse that roared..Emily giving Tracy what for and tossing her out..yay!!
Revolving door...Tracy once again hooked up to monitors etc..not one ounce of sympathy for this character..IMO..the writers have destroyed her and it's time for her to go to that big soap opera in the sky.

Anonymous said...

Beth would be great at the medical centre, especially since the role of receptionist is clearly not meant to represent reality.

I often wonder if the writers are setting Mary up to become a really nasty villan. She's no longer just quirky and certainly isn't funny so I can't see any other direction for the character.

ChiaGwen said...

When I saw Dreary's wrinkly bosom bits I thought at first there was a blurry spot on my TV.....had to rub my eyes to make sure of what I was seeing. Did the wardrobe people not notice! Agree Beth would be fab at the medical center, no doubt checking everyone's medical file lol.

MrsBarton said...

Gary works for Owen and Izzy is full time machinist, babies have been brought up on much less I can tell you! and thrived! Talk about being unrealistic, how reaistic would it be to have the writers make Gary and Izzy get married before having a baby? In inner city Salford/Manchester that happens VERY RARELY. I like these 2 families.


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