Thursday, 10 May 2012

Unique Coronation Street items up for charity auction

A unique Coronation Street sign and a Newton and Ridley tray, signed by the entire cast, are up for sale on eBay in aid of a terminally ill North East boy.

Kyran Richmond, 8, from Chilton, Co Durham, has the very rare condition Juvenile Batten Disease (JBD).  He is only the third person in the North East to be diagnosed with the disease that means he’s only expected to live into his late teens.
Kyran now has little vision in one eye and this has rapidly decreased in the last year and blindness is inevitable. He is also suffering from night seizures and will develop epilepsy, lose the ability to walk, talk, eat and see, before developing dementia and symptoms similar to Parkinson’s disease. Only 150 people across the UK have ever been diagnosed with JBD.

Almost all of the Coronation Street cast have autographed the replica sign. Corrie Producers have confirmed this is the first time the cast has made such a gesture and there are no plans to repeat it, making this a truly unique collectors item. 

All of the funds will be shared equally between Batten Disease Family Association (as they received no government or NHS funding) and Kyran’s trust fund.

Kyran's mum, Debbie Richmond: "It's been a heartbreaking time for all of the family, but the fundraising campaign has made a difference to the quality of Kyran's life already and, hopefully, to help the Batten's Disease Family Association in its quest to find a cure". The kindness and support shown from the cast and crew of Coronation Street is unbelievable.  To take their time to autograph the sign, which is the only one of its type in the world, is amazing."

Bid to win the sign and the tray on eBay

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